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Carol  ·  May 18, 2010

Huh, Hey Max check this out. Carol is blogging about NOT blogging. That's so weird. Mandy, I don't believe my eyes ... oh I'm blind. Nevermind

just got home from my daughters first wedding dress fitting and the crippled crew are now in great need of me!

Hey, don't cha be forgettin' to vote in the shelter challenge today and tomorrow and the day after that and the next ... Ok Ellie, they get it!!! Can I lick your hair?


here is the link:
(S.A.I.N.T.S. Mission BC Canada)



That rain was lovely. The pasture is already looking a lot greener. You could just about hear all the trees and plants going "Ahhhhhh" yesterday. May 4 was the last good rain we had.

Colleen Donnelly

Jenn...I just did one of those spontaneous snorting laughs when I read "oh I'm blind never mind". Funny girl!!!!

Colleen Donnelly

I bet that was sentimental, tear jerking, and lots of giggles!

I met Hope this evening when I went to see that all the guys were a-okay. She is very sweet! I can not believe how much of a small dog person I have become since being here. :)

I must admit I sent good juju to myself before walking in the door in regards to banishing any diarrhea thoughts in my brain. And whoo hooo!, no runs.

Laura and I gave Chewie his pain med...he is such a fantastic little guy. Not sure how to describe him. Not stoic but...something.

It was a bit of a gong show at bedtime feeding with the horses. The riding ring crew were where they should be so I closed their gate and looked around for the horses. Couldn't see them. The freaking torrential rainstorm didn't help. I walked down to the pasture and there they were...all shoulder to butt to shoulder under the biggest Fir tree. I yelled their names and Lahanie came first. He went about 20 feet and turned back to the tree umbrella. Pussy! I walked down to them and saw why. It was almost completely dry under there. Smart boys!! We all stood there for about 20 minutes till the rain subsided and trooped up to the barn.

It was a good rain, and all of B.C. needed it. More to come! Oh yay.