Rescue Journal

hope was euthanized today

Carol  ·  May 20, 2010

the vet felt the eye needed to come out as it was painful for her but she also felt that hope was in both end stage cardiac and renal disease with a very probable lymphoma too. she said removing the eye would remove her eye pain, but that hope was basically still very close to the end of her life from other life threatening and unfixable things. she said maybe we should just stop right now and not go any further.

i was right, that eye had to go but sadly the surgical removal option came far too late for hope's tiny ancient and wrecked little body.

rest in peace sweetheart.

monty had both an antibiotic and steroid injection and we will do full dental surgery to try to remove the cause of his ongoing mouth problems in a couple of weeks.

I have lost weight and my Tuxedo is not as snug as it once was

lucy is here for the weekend, colleen and her family are away and lucy hates travelling and hates staying at the clinic almost as much so i brought her home to spend the weekend at saints...she will be happier here running around the pond and sleeping on my bed again. i love lucy, she is a very good dog.



was that hope in the compter room pen with tinkerbelle on sunday sweet little dog.


So very sorry about Hope but boy was her time at SAINTS wonderful. She was happy in the end. Thank You, SAINTS!


I'm so glad that Hope had a chance to be held, snuggled, wrapped in cozy fleeces and let go with love.

Colleen Donnelly

Awww. In the end, Hope was treasured. Even if for such a miniscule moment in time.

Hang on Monty, your future looks bright and promising. Handsome boy!!


lynne/carol/anne i will come on sunday instead of saturday as i see no brenda. my bf has to work saturday anyways so id be bringing my kids and while i know im EXTRA productive when they come, id kinda rather they didnt. see you then.


i don't think we have a picture of hope...she wasn't here long enough...sweet dog.


i will look for modern dog magazine when i go shopping tonight. please post a pic of hope. i am havng a dumb moment and cannot pic her. also i will not be out to saints on sat till about 10 i have my grandkids again overnight and am letting my daughter speep in for a bit. see you all then. how is chewie doing