Animal Updates


Carol  ·  May 21, 2010

i barely made it thru the whole day at work today and that was with me stuck at the desk answering phones. but it is a big office and with every single peice of paper that comes in, there is a ton of walking around to get it to the right person or place....i think i walk less out seeing clients then i do stuck at a desk.

by 4 pm, i was feeling pretty tired, sore and 5pm just walking out the door pissed me off cuz i was moving so slow and i really wanted to get home.

and once i got home, i got into huge argument with ellie who was being a freaking stubborn hag. she didn't want to get up to come in for her dinner, so i made her get up. and then she wouldn't come in thru the closest to the barn gate...she had to go to the one further away. i let her in there and then she wanted in the back barn doors which she couldn't go in cuz i had just locked the sheep in that area for bed.

i opened the small side gate and told her to walk around to the front door....AND SHE WOULDN"T DO IT!!!!
she stood at the back door and she screamed and she battered it and beat on it and had a freaking cow.

i tried to move her over to the side gate and she got pissed and ran out into the field and then she made me chase her around out there, over and around and over and around in giant full field circles.

my lower leg is really freaking sore and i was starting to get pretty pissed off myself. i went and got one of the plastic manure rakes and used it to poke her along...that pissed her off more but she would not give up...she just went back to the back door of the barn and started banging on the doors again.

geezuz freaking christ...i was not losing a battle with that spoiled rotten prima donna pig princess over which god damn door she was going to go in..i pushed her out that side gate and then she gave up and walked to the front of the barn and into her stall to her dinner.

First of all, I was sleeping. Then you came and started yelling at me to get to bed. FINE but I was getting there the WAY I wanted ... Next time don't forget me at bedtime K!
ellie maeellie mae

if she was a sheep..i would just say she is stupid...but she is a pig and she is very smart..she knew damn well that she was just being a stubborn pain in the ass but tonight even with a really sore ankle and leg... i was a bigger stubborn pain in the ass than that 800 pound spoiled pink pig.

homecoming to the house did not get much better..the bedroom guys were out of food and their bin was empty..i had to hike over to the shop to grab a couple of bags of food so i can make sure they can eat whenever they want to tonight.

jenn was here and she had cleaned up the pee and the poop in the house (yay!!!) before i got home and she had poop and scooped the yards and run the dogs down to the pond and gave the mongolian mophead his bath.... so that was really good...thank you jenn!

Ok fine Mr. Manic got a bath. BUT look into Daphne's eyes and repeat: "Jenn doesn't do things. And we definately don't blog about her doing ... um nothing either. " Get it?
Chance and bathDaphne

she reminded me that chewie had taken his dressing off so i went out to put a new one on...what a freaking mess...he had pooped everywhere, his food and water bowls were totally empty, he had eaten all of his hay. so i redressed his wounds, i pulled all of his linens and gave him fresh ones to lie on tonight...i filled his food and water bowls and gave him fresh hay. i called the staff to see if he had gotten missed today and he hadn't, he had his shower and his stall cleaned out and fresh food and i don't know if he is turning into some kind of eating and drinking and pooping machine because he is getting bored in there and he has nothing better to do???. in any case he will need checking more often because it looks like he needs more than we are giving to him...he was a very busy boy in his bunny room this afternoon....and that totally pissed me off too (lucky for him that he is so cute.)

That's true. I am cute and look, my ouchie is looking better .... and really are you suprised that I eat and poop a lot? I'm a GOAT!!!!
chewieChewie's ouchie 2-weeks

well..i just have a few more loads of laundry and the mp building guys to settle to bed and then me and my sore ankle/leg and pissy mood are going to bed too because between working at a freaking desk today and then coming home to rest..i have had more than enough of this whole hauling my crippled ass around day..i just want it to freaking well end.



oh..i think we are ok for the pressure washing unless you want to do the front of the shop..but we do need a dump run done and i am not sure how much paint we will need...2 five gallon buckets? is that enough to do all of the currently white fencing?

jenn said rona has a big sale on today..i was going to check whose price on paint stuff is cheaper if i have time later this afternoon.


LMAO...that was pretty funny....thanx made my day look good......How often do you get into huge arguments with a pig.....Thats just too funny... ;)..... ;)