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just one day....

Carol  ·  May 23, 2010

i am soooooo freaking tired of changing my bed every freaking god damn day

i woke up at 6am today and dumped all of the possible weak bladder babes out on the floor and out the dog room door in the hopes that they please will refrain from soggy-ing up my bed again today.

of course you know whats going to happen anyway?

peluchi and joey and lucy and merry and daphne and caspar and jerry and al are going to go running around in the wet dirty fields and get soaking wet in the rain...and then they are going to dry themselves off well on my pillows and blankets and sheets and i am going to have to change my bed again anyway.


PELUCHIE: Huh? My nose is wet. JOEY: I'm cute. Your bed neeeds me!

LUCY: Me? But I'm shy and sweet MERRY: But the pillow is MINE

DAPHNE: Kiss my cute daxi butt CASPER: I despise thee ....
JERRY: Blah, blah .... whatever AL: Thank you but I have my own bed

do you know how much laundry my bedstuff makes? do you know how hard it is to change a kingsized bed with a dozen rolling, grabbing, playing, burrowing bed freaks flopping around?

it freaking well sucks and i am getting tired of walking around that mammoth bed taking stuff off...putting things on, over and over again.

why can i not be just a mean normal person and kick those freaking bed bastards out????????



Lol I notice that the blanket on the bed is not the same in any picture... proof in point


we have a formerly stray cat here who very occasionally relieves himself on the bed...why i do not know. I went to Home Depot and bought a couple of the clear plastic drop cloths in the paint department and put one over my bed when I get up in the morning. They are very cheap and large enough for a king with enough room to tuck them under on the sides. works like a charm.