Animal Updates

sissy is still sleeping

Carol  ·  May 23, 2010

the vet gave her an injection to help her relax. i just gave her another lasix injection because she still has labored breathing.

i forgot to mention that tinkerbelle went out on a permanent foster trial today..i can't see it not working, these folks had our jack (a little yorkie who passed away last year) and it is a great home for tink. yay!

2 people all to myself? See ya suckers ... I'm out of here

kodi is coming home tomorrow because anne is coming here in the morning to help clean up after the beasts. he had diarrhea from his new meds so i said to hold them for today and i will figure it out with the vet on tuesday.

tula has been screaming at me...she is hungry. i tried her with 2 different kinds of canned food and then some milk which she refused. i finally just ripped up some bread in a bowl for her. she wolfed it down....that cat is simply weird.

Yeah well, the weirder I act the more you pay attention to me ...

i better go put the mp building guys to bed before sissy wakes up...the barn guys are done and frodo is already settled in his trailer so that will finish up all of the ones not in the house and then i am free to watch her breathe all night.

i so hope we don't have to go to emergency.

Have you seen Frodo's Trailer? He lives alone. Its better that way
frodo's trailerfrodo's decor

Did you hang those lies in my home? I am going to count to three and then you better make scarce ... 1, 2 ...


Colleen Donnelly

Sending positive thoughts/juju to Sissy. Rest and breathe babe.