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sissy is gone.

Carol  ·  May 24, 2010

she wasn't responding to the lasix and i had a really bad feeling in my gut so i took her over to the emergency clinic. she was in heart failure from a massive tumour that was pressing on her heart and displacing her intestines in her abdominol cavity. she did not have any free pooling fluid in her lungs but she did have a pleural effusion which is why the lasix was not improving her breathing.

sissy was one of our saints legends. it was hard enough to get used to the fireplace without buddy, i can't even look at the emptiness there now that sissy is gone.

rest in peace our sweet, sweet sissy....we will all be mourning your loss today.




Sissy you taught us to look were such a gift to those of us who had the pleasure to hug & kiss such a sweet girl....loved you Sissy.


i am so sorry to hear this.
that said, the thought of buddy and sissy being together again is of great comfort.


Sissy, snuggle close to your other half, Buddy. Your memory will always be cherished at Saints.


i remember yesterday giving sissy her own little bowl of food in her bed as she was staying put. never thought that today she would not be here. rest in peace sissy.


the room will be so empty without Sissy, I will always remember her smiling eyes & happy dance... she is with buddy now & that is how I will think of them.. together, running,playing & watching over us .

Pat Beaucamp

I am so sorry to hear about Sissy, Carol, but so grateful to you for all the loving care you have given Sissy and Buddy all these years. They went from being two little unadoptable Chihuahuas with mange to being treasured and extremely loved and cared for little souls whose lives were valued.

Buddy would have been waiting for his much loved little sister at the other side of the Bridge and they are together once more!

Thank you for all that you do for so many little souls at SAINTS.

Bless you,

Pat B


So very sorry for your loss. Sissy will be missed but now she is healthy and happy across the bridge. It is truly wonderful works that SAINTS accomplishes every day.