Rescue Journal

it will be another tough day at saints....

Carol  ·  May 25, 2010

sweet pea is ready to pass....she is one of the little cats who came with ebony and chief from an spca seizure. when we sent her mammary tumour off for pathology we found out it was a highly aggressive malignancy.

while sweet pea is still eating and does not appear to be uncomfortable, this weekend she has taken to her bed...not even getting up to pee. this morning her respirations are increased, the cancer is probably in her lungs now.

it looks like her end of life has sneaked up on us. sweet pea has a vet appointment in mission at 9 am.

i have to do something about jewel. and i am having a really hard time with this. her discomfort is getting worse again but that god damn dog will not stop trying to keep living, the best that she can.

merry has a vet appointment at 11:30 in maple ridge..i am thinking of bumping her out again and taking jewel in instead. i don't want to keep bumping merry out of her appointments..i want to get her in to check her thyroid.and i certainly do not want to take jewel in because i know won't be bringing her home.

i called the vets to come and see chewie...he is not as good on weight bearing on his back leg as he was. i also noticed a very faint green tinge to his bandage with his last dressing change which worries me a bit. anyway..the vet will come and look at him and i hope it is not bad news. the last thing that little goat needs is an infection starting in there...especially while he is already on antibiotics.

rescue continues to suck today.



So sorry for such a difficult day. You head an amazing rescue and are truly a Saint for taking it on.

I have been clicking daily for the shelter challenge as are a few of my friends. I hope to meet you at the open house.