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laura, jenn, shelley and nicole...

Carol  ·  May 25, 2010

since you guys all volunteered..i am putting you in charge of anchoring for the telus painting volunteers on saturday..they will be here from 10 am til 1 pm..i will leave some food snacky stuff in the mp room for everyone and apparently they are bringing their own things to drink.

all of the paint and painting supplies are here in the shop and ready to go.

your jobs are simply to answer questions, make sure they have fun and that they and the animals are all safe and have a good time....oh..and for shelley, jenn and nicole...take lots of pictures too.

please keep the cows and the goats and the pigs from drinking the paint. and please keep paint off the dogs if at all possible..other than that you can handle things however works best for you all.

they can paint anything that is already white (except for the animals.)


Brenda McCormick

I will be at SAINTS on Sunday. I'll miss you Lynne. Take care of that knee!


Rest up your knee Lynn!!! Hope it gets better soon. The animals will miss you.


i am blogging this now so i dont forget. i will not be able to make it to saints this weekend. i have been to the doctor and am off work for my knee and have to keep it elevated and iced. i am hoping anne colleen and brenda or whomever can help out. thought i would let you know well in advance. hope the painting goes really good and the weather cooperates. see you all soon.


I will also be around & if the barn guys are in the lower field we shouldn't have a problem with them drinking the paint ( Ellie !!)


what about the "brushes" and wash stuff for the back fence and any other areas that needs some green slime washed off before painting?


I'll be there to interpret dog/cat/cow/pig speak, and to complain about my phone bill.


most of that sounds like an easy job but i'm not too sure about keeping the barn guys from drinking paint.

also, i'm not going to be heading out tomorrow. going to work on the website instead.