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Carol  ·  May 26, 2010

my mood hasn't was a shitty day at work that just reminded me how far removed we are now from florence nightingale. pretty soon she is going to be an embarassment to nursing..oh wait she already somewhat is...a few more years down the road and we will wipe even her memory clean, she won't even exist in our past...apparently the whole florence thing is not a great image for nursing in this century..we are so about the science and the process and the presented public image....the people patients are just the excuse for our perpetuating and promoting of stepford-like corporate health care, based on the perfect lie.

grrrhhh...bad days will go away..just do the best that you can.

sigh..homecoming was pretty quiet jewel underfoot having a fit cuz there are too many bodies between her and me. and the medical room seems empty without brody coming to shove his nose up against my lips. i still try not to look at the fireplace with it's two empty little chi beds..i wonder how long it will take me to move them..probably i will do it soon, but not yet.

the spca called today about a very skinny and frail old cat who i could hear yelling away in the back ground...they said she is a real character but she is wrecked and totally unadoptable so they want her to have a good place to go. i let them know about sweet pea's loss (cuz sweet pea came from them) and said this new old one could have her spot i will pick her up on monday, which is my next day off.

well..i guess i can put my work day behind me now and learn to adjust to the losses around here. the animals still alive and breathing are waiting patiently for me to finish my whining and complaining and spend some time with them....some have no time for me to foolishly waste, worrying about things i have no power to change.

Speaking of time, its time for a bowl of cookies to be brought directly here to this kuranda bed for me forthwith--time is so, so precious--make that 2 bowls of cookies :)



some great points hornblower and I know we definately want to expand our sponsorship program ... :)

Colleen Bridges

With the telus folks coming on Saturday, and Lynne being invalid :) - are you short for cleaning crews? I can come Saturday and Sunday if you need the extra bodies.


Carol - I think you should reconsider the 'sponsorship' programs. I know you've not wanted to have $ tied to a certain animal, butI think you can set it up in such a way that people understand that the funds are all going to the vet bill account for ALL of SAINTS.

What people would actually be 'buying' is a line of text under an animal's photo which would say something like "_____ is my friend!"

See what I mean at the ACES site, where they even have a new sponsorship program so that kids under 18 can donate as little as $5 monthly & be listed as friends.

I think people want to help & making it linked to an animal makes it more personal, even if everyone understands that the funds are going to a general vet bill acct.....


why not do birthday calendars?
These are perpetual and make a great gift. Never forget a birthday or anniversary again!


Jenn, While calendars can be good fundraisers, the problem is that if you don't sell them, you have a bunch of outdated calendars you have paid for that no one wants. Suggestion from experience: order calendars without the day's dates entered. All the normal squares can be there, but no numbers. That way, the calendar owner can enter the dates for the year in which they receive it and they can continue to be sold until gone.


* Mauro those are some grteat links with some interesting fundraising ideas for us to consider. Thanks for that.

* Charlotte perhaps we may consider doing a calender for next year if enough people were interested.


You should take those photos & captions and make a SAINTS calendar or something. We're all suckers for cute animal calendars.

Mauro Salles

Speaking of fundraising, I've been doing research on Internet about it. I've not finished because there is an excessive amount of material and a big mess (like everything on Internet), but filtered it four sites that might be useful, at least to mount a consistent picture of what can be done, jot down ideas and check viabilities: time, personnel, money (again), etc..

I don't know how far you advance, but ...

(1) An overview:

(2) Many, many ideas, considerations and general guidelines:

(3) More ideas (see "More Articles Like This, too):

(4) Fund raising companies, products and services (British Columbia area):


...well, you can't do EVERYTHING, Jenn- but you sure the hell write great captions to the amazing photos you post!


haha. what lynne said is true, in that I know the saints' characters but what mauro said is true too! I AM A GENUIS --- ahahahha I wish then I would figure out how to take saints' money troubles away-- ooo or better yet make it so that there is never any senior animals without homes and medical care.


she really is isnt she she has those animals characters down to a t, too funny. carol i hope tomorrow is a better day for you.