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i came home at lunch to check on stuart...

Carol  ·  May 27, 2010

he started seizuring this morning. angelina took him down to the vets and his seizures stopped. they called me and asked me what i wanted to do. stuart is a very old bunny, he is 10 or maybe even closer to 11 this year. he came in more than a year ago thru the vets when his owner brought him in to propholactically euthanize..he wasn't sick yet but she was afraid he would soon start falling apart so she thought she would euthanize before he reached that time.

he has been pretty content here for the past year. he had his good friend in stevie and trucked along pretty good. i have been noticing his aging lately, he is starting to look frail and old now. but until the seizure this morning, he really has done very well.

since the seizures had stopped and he seemed to be recovering, i elected to bring him home. selfishly i am not ready for another loss yet and also i couldn't get to the vets to be with him if he were to go. they gave him some valium and sent him home. angelina set him up in a safe and warm cage. he is now pretty out of it with the valium..i will see how he much he has recovered and what my gut says to do next (or not) when i get home from work today.

stuart is a great little rabbit..he is gentle and friendly and kind. stevie will be so lonely without him and i am not sure if we can bond him with one of the other existing groups or not, but we will give it a try.

Hey STU. Please pull THROUGH cuz Stevie hearts YOU.



but they don't want me in there ... they don't like people so that is why I leave them alone ... its is for their own happiness (and their own fault) that they are not my familiars


all the grey and black bunnies look that same in my pics ... hmmmm who is who?


lol jenn...the first single photo is right...but the second double photo is not (close tho so you can have half the cigar!)...that is o'grady and lincoln...stuart and stevie are the solid grey and the solid black bunnies living together.