Rescue Journal

i forgot to vote in the shelter challenge yesterday...

Carol  ·  May 27, 2010

if we lose by one stinking vote, everyone can now blame me!

there are some people that we can naturally expect will not forget to vote like the one person responsible for sweating bullets over vet bills around here...duh, what a freaking dolt!

ah well..missed opportunities are just that..gone.

the bed buddies quite enjoyed the idol finale last night..not that they watched it but because i stayed put in bed with them...they were released from trying to watch and keep track of me...i think they all had a pretty good sleep.

chance went to the groomers yesterday...they gave him a lion cut. i can see his crippled little legs better which takes some getting used to but also now we can get at his crappy skin a bit better for a good scrubbing during his frequent baths...chance has chronic skin issues too.

it is still feeling odd around here, like too many are missing. that is the problem with several of them leaving all at the same time...everywhere you look and go you feel someone's loss.

the other issue is...i haven't cried since brody died..i have a whole whack of sadness waiting inside that got bottled up with the death of sweet pea and jewel. eventually i am going to have to let it out, but not yet cuz for some reason i am not ready.

and here is the thing about about does what it does and it is different every time. you can't make it be what you expected, you just have to let it do it's very own thing.

well..i better get ready for work again today....i also need to try to find why i used to love nursing...i am so disappointed in where we are going, i am just not sure i want to go along anymore.



I figured Jenn would be the one to say that about Chance's legs when she sees his new haircut not Carol. Anyways I bet he feels great! Also Sam the groomer said she reads the blog and wasn't sure what to expect from our little M Monster but she said he was such a good boy and sooo cute! I personally love his new look.