Animal Updates


Carol  ·  Jun. 1, 2010

colleen (our newest volunteer) says she has a heart bursting with happiness today. why? because she is getting to take larry home. now i can read people just as well as i can read dogs. and i know damn well that larry just won the million dollar lottery for homely and homeless dogs.

This LA dude thinks Colleen is RAD & is gonna dig his new "crib" for shizzle

and here is the other thing about rescue...just because you love a dog, just because he makes you happy every single time you look at him does not mean you can keep him when a solid gold home comes knocking for him.

now i am not going to lie..i am hoping that dog's head is totally messed up and that he is going to want to come back here but that would be a pipe dream on my part..larry is not stupid, he will see right away how lucky he just got.

sigh...congrats to colleen and kellen and larry..matches made in heaven are not to be ignored at saints.

angel's bloodsugars were low again tonight. i held her insulin. if she is still out of sorts in the morning, i will get angelina to take her instead of little big bud into the vets in the morning. (bud was just having a repeat cushings test and we can re-book that)

Oh this concerns me greatly ... so no Poke? Does that mean no customary can of deliciousness with my poke?

i started kodi on a new med...we ditched the prednisone because it was making him anxious. now we are trialling venactyl P which is a very low dose of steriod with an antihistamine (kodi is getting itchy with his mast cell tumour which is also histamine based.) hopefully it will act as an anti-inflammatory AND help with his itchiness.

Alright, what ever you say boss

ruby is still very upset. her eyes are like saucers and she is crouched in her litter box. i am so sorry sweetheart that you are so brave...soon, like bibi, you will learn to like this place.

and speaking of bibi..his diarrhea is better again and he is turning into my buddy which makes me very happy..yay bibi, way to go...good job at fixing inside your own head!!!!

Yeah for ME! Hip-hip horay for BIBI!

i just noticed tonight that both doris and yoshi are doing really well. doris looks and feels better than she ever has before and little yoshi is giving me a real and happy tail wag every night as soon as i go in the medical room door. i think he kind of, sort of, shyly maybe, likes me picking him up and schmooching his neck!

They love them some kissing and cuddles ... but yoshi hates cameras ... sorry sweety but the blog readers wanna see you.

well..bedtime, work day tomorrow..and i actually got 2 loads of my own laundry done.


Marla from South Dakota

Such a happy few days at S.A.I.N.T.S! I'm so happy to hear all the good news, even with the sad news about Tiny and the news that makes me angry about Ruby!

Bibi, sweetheart, you've stolen my heart from several thousand miles away! I'm glad you're learning to love Carol and everyone at S.A.I.N.T.S - every old, terrified dog should be so lucky!


Whoo Hoo !!!! Yea for chance, Yea for Larry, Yea for Tunie ( new digs coming soon ) but a BIG BOO to Ruby's original rescue ... lets get a pic of her soon & start a campaign to get her a forever home.

Brenda McCormick

That's great Colleen - I know you've had your eye on him for some time - Little "Yoda" just lucked out!


That's totally awesome for our dude Larry! This past weekend when I saw Larry all cuddled up on Colleen's lap you could tell he had stolen her heart. Yeah for another love story!
Yes Doris and Yoshi are like a little content old couple soooo cute.