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in some ways i am luckier than most folks...

Carol  ·  Jun. 4, 2010

i do get to see the absolutely best of humanity some days (like today!)...and i get to live with many thousands of pounds of furry and feathered magic..that is pretty damn cool.

the other night i found another benefit to living neck deep in rescue. i was trying to go to sleep and was again surrounded and held hostage by my very own little determined bed crew. and i was thinking at the time...shit...this is gross...they all were advantaged for fleas today and the smell was literally creeping down my throat....a dozen, up close and personal, freshly advantaged dogs smell like an insecticide factory.

but then it hit me.....

you know all of those millions of little dust mites that people have living in their beds?..hahaha..well i bet i don't have any. between changing my bed and washing the linens several times a week AND monthly multiple dog advantage treatments...i am thinking my bed is definitely not dust mite friendly!

so the next time someone thinks i am pretty weird for letting 12 dogs sleep ion my bed...i would like to point out that i much prefer to sleep with normal and every day looking dogs than with millions of alien-looking, multi-legged microscopic dust mites....eeeeewwww, now that is a major creep out that i never again will have to fear.

(when i presented this particular benefit of my lifestyle to the nurses at did point out that they at least would never die of a giant lung obstructed hairball)

humph.... anyway, back to my happy place...

screw the $3000 vacuum cleaners or the $3000 new mattresses and boxsprings...everyone should get themselves a pack of leaky bed buddies and treat them with advantage monthly to massacre the icky dust mites!

Ok then. But I don't think this post took you down the crazy ladder any ... in fact ...



scrappie's there, 7th row down on the far right.
but you are right that i put a photo of banjo up instead of poor paluchie.
they do look similiar when their hair is allowed to go all hippie like, but there is quite the difference in size so i'm blaming it on me being sleepy.
the rest of the pages will be fixed soon.

Mauro Salles

Hi, Colleen !

Remove the prefix [IMG] and the suffix [/ IMG].

Colleen Donnelly


Colleen Donnelly

Good one Mauro!

Photos today:

<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

If that one works I'll post another.


Hey Nicole. The pic you have of "paluchie" on the pet pages is actually Laura and Lana's BANJO!! she is cute too but not our mop head.

Also I like the new sponsor dogs option it works! and the new pet page links are still being up dated I am assuming?

and did Scrappy get kicked outa the cat page because of his weight problem??? or did he run away because he is not getting fed enough anymore? lol anyways. Scrappy is missing from the cat page :0

Mauro Salles

In return, you may have caused a serious environmental problem by creating mutants, a new species, the dust mites bleach (or something) addicted!!!


OMG! Carol, I've never thought of it that way! Do you think three helps? That's the number of my bed buddies and just to think they keep my bed CLEAN!! ??? lol!