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Work Party

Nicole  ·  Jun. 6, 2010

Work party this saturday in prep for the open house.
We need to get a lot done because Carol goes all OCD before open houses and has a tendency to clean instead of sleep.

This saturday June 12th, Around 10am-2pm.
Potluck lunch and beers!! It's actually supposed to be sunny all that day!

Carol will post a list of things that need to get done.
There are some fences that need painting and some major deep cleaning.

Please post if you are coming and if you are able to bring some food so we know how many jobs we can fill!

Also does anyone know where the canvas for the permanent tent thing is?

Remember to vote in the Petfinder Challenge!!



I wish you all the best with Larry, Colleen. I'm sure he loves you. But, he was probably quite accustomed to the motley crew down at Saints. After all, they are quite a colorful bunch!


oh thats too bad I mean he is very easy going and mellow but at the same time sensitive and anxious ... probably a side effect from his difficult life. I hope he settles in ... I know you love him lots!!!

Colleen Bridges

Ya...just what Carol said...little dude is breaking my heart! We just had some snuggle time on a blanket out in the yard and a good nap on the couch. He's so sweet and strong, but is having a hard time when we're not around.


I will be there both Sat and Sun and hopefully will get the gardens out front finished during the week with my Mom.


larry is having some adjustment and anxiety is the thing with really old dogs..they do not have a lot of time left to spend making big life altering adjustments. we decided to give him til wednsday to make up his mind.
so larry is currently making us...wait and see. will update when we know for sure.


no anne, colleen or lynne (most likely) I will defiantley do the bed buddy room and the "sun dog room" agian so long as it is as per normal and not the shit-fest--literally last week ugh other wise I am switching with ERIN!!! haha. Brenda I like the sound of "deep" cleaning!!! Erin is here so she is good for the cat area I am sure.



That's ok Colleen, because I can't come Sunday, and we'll need someone to scrub, scrub, scrub that day too.

Colleen Bridges

I'm trying to fandangle myself out of work obligations on Saturday, but if I can't make it I'll be there on Sunday to scrub, scrub, scrub...


I will be there on Saturday by 8:30 to "deep clean" the house - kitchen and small dog/cat area, (and back cat rooms if no one else?) and will stay till 2pm.


hey i have got some suggestions for the name of the memorial tabe. somewhere over the rainbow, or lest we forget, gone but not forgotten. as you can see i am not at work yet have to go back to the doctors about my knee it is still reallly sore but really hope to be there on sat by 900. will update later in the week.

Jenn Hine

ooo "fence painting" weather permitting ... its latex lets see what the weather report says on thursday.

Jenn Hine

if the work party is one day only 10-2 we are going to need extra people from the regular clean/feed crew if Lynn is still out I will be cleaning mom's room and the big dog area again.

The fence painting itself is going to be a whole day thing so hopefully people can grab some of their friends to join us!!!

I live in maple ridge and will be leaving at 8:30am if anyone knows of anyone out here that needs a ride I have space for 3-4 people.


there is one at m&ms downtown, b ut that should not conflict with the work party.

Mauro Salles

Do not want to be nosy, but I got a doubt: there will be a BBQ fundraiser next Saturday? :)