Animal Updates

louise passed away gently at the vets early this morning.

Carol  ·  Jun. 7, 2010

she was such a sweet and kind little cat. i will miss her odd little head tilts and the way she always made me feel so soft and warm inside. but she was strong, she survived whatever life tossed at her, from homelessness, to overcrowded rescue, to a cruelty seizure and finally coming to saints...i think she was happy here. she could not forever win against her deadly disease but she gave it a really good fight.

louise was another of those special animals filled with gods amazing was what it was for her, but she lived it with utter grace.

rest in peace wheezy.....we are all going to miss you.




Awww. Good bye Louise & thanks SAINTS for giving her some good years.

I have a special fondness of all black dsh kitties. My Rachel, a senior CRF is a black dsh. Cat rescuers say all black dsh's get looked over all the time; can't imagine why. I think they're so gorgeous.

Lynne & Scott (and Spot, of course)

I just love that you captured the head tilt. She looks like a sweet girl...


Such a sweety I am going to miss that tilta-head and those big eyes looking at me!


As soon as the cleaning was done and the treat bags were hauled out she would ooze off her bed and drift on over. She really loved her treats. Then having finished eating she would climb up on the couch and, if Brianne hadn't beaten her to that spot, crawl into your lap. Purred like a little engine. I think at Saints she had a couple of really good years where she was warm and safe and cherished. Miss ya, Louwheeze.


Ah sweet little girl. I always sat with Wheeze on my lap when I visit. She knew her name because I would call her when I came into the room and she would wake up and come over for a snuggle. She was special. I don't have a spare room or I would have had her here.