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honestly...there are just some things you do not do first thing in the morning...

Carol  ·  Jun. 8, 2010

like talk happy sweet little good morning baby talk to phoebe. it wakes her up and makes her want to be happy, sweet and friendly.

she has already done the face licking thing, the "aren't i adorable" thing, the "please scratch my butt" routine, and finally, her newest and not cutest..."oh, did i just sneeze directly in your face?" thing...i should know by now it is best to ignore her until i have at least gotten to finish my tea.

suzie got up with me and slid her chubby ass out into the kitchen while i was making said tea. she has already been sent back to the bedroom for unfairly snarking at max, squirt and max again in less than 3 minutes. i have no idea what put her knickers into a pissy knot but she can go right back where she came from and try to get pissy with kodi.

suzie is not all that cooperative when trying to shove her thru a door that she does not want to be shoved while i was bent over low to squeeze her fat butt back thru the door, she tried to resist by pushing herself backwards and landed on her head. her ungraceful re-entry really pissed her off..i think i will stay out of that room for a bit....might be safer for me til the little land shark forgets that i was party to her loss of dignity.

WOW role reversal. I AM The cute one .. and you are one getting shut outta the room. HEY wait a minute can we start over?
Pheobe in blanketSuzie

welllll...i am hoping that everyone is cooperative and i can whiz thru the cleaning really quickly. i want to be in chilliwack no later than 2 pm to pick up whoever i cave in and bring home. i need to be back by 3 pm to set up areas for the new point in setting up early...A. i will not have time...B..i need my car insurence before i leave...and C..i have no idea yet who i will actually be coming home with...because i am still struggling til i actually see.

it sucks that i am back to work tomorrow and not around to help them adjust...but it would probably suck bigger for them if i tried to make them wait til sunday which is when my actual holidays start.

looks like a goregous day green upper pasture looks lovely from the windows in this early morning sun.

in my next life i am going to be a grass gives me great pleasure simply watching grass grow.

much less stressful than nursing or rescue...sigh...why was that option not presented to me at my high school career day?..i might have chosen that as a lifelong career if i had known.

oh shit..and i mustn't forget to get cali and peanut to the vets for 8:30 today too..i had better get my own chubby ass moving and into high gear! and that reminds me...i finally figured out why my car was acting like it was on steriods...i had to drive with my foot on the brake to stop it from surging ahead and taking off with me (can we say ...DANGEROUS?)...anyway...frodo apparently turned on the cruise control when he was in there last which is why it kept trying to go faster than me. frodo might want to be a speed demon cat...but i like to drive more cautiously.

Yes of course, THE CAT turning on your cruz control is much more realistic then you accidently doing it. Your blog readers haven't actually drive with you so you MAY have a chance convicing THEM .... em>
Frodo in car

note to laura and lana..i am on afternoon shifts thursday, friday and saturday...can you pop in and check on the beasts sometime early evening, like when you are running your own little beasts?