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road trip...

Carol  ·  Jun. 8, 2010

angelina and i helped an injured possum today...that was fun...he is out at elizabeths wildlife center now..i hope he survives....beautiful animal (but VERY big teeth...which luckily he did not use on us.) it looked like he had been hit by a car. the sad thing is...apparently he was noticed on the side of the road at 5 am and he was still there when a young man came by to ask our help at 10:30. poor thing...a long time to suffer alone.

luckily kathy k came and helped me in the house so i was in fact able to get the caR insurence BUT i did not have quite enough for a full year because i gave a good portion of my income tax cheque to saints. i did not want to finance it cuz i would forget to put the payment in every month and i did not want to get 6 months worth cuz then it would be due again in december which would truly financially for me suck. so.... i got three months which makes my next renewel date in early september, and by then i will have the rest of it put away and can do another NINE months which puts me back to june where i want it to income tax refund.

so why am i telling you this?...because someone has to remind me again in september to renew my caR insurence please!

soooo, on to the road trip...both laura and tammy came. i was glad laura came along because tammy would be bugging me to take home EVERYONE in a cage. anyway..i said "in danger" we came home with two...we were not entirely sure who we had because there was a mix up with finding their files....they have alot of cats coming in and are totally full...they are also moving sick cats from common areas to their ISO because they have an URI flying thru...cats with colds, the not most fun part of shelter rescue.

luckily the vets were able to see us on the way home for FeLv testing and a quick exam and medication for their colds. We were arguing about names in the waiting area...and i have to say that yet again i won but not cuz i pushed it but because the clinic staff picked the name that i preferred and wrote it down. fait accomplai!

we have.....milton.... a big, charcol and white bicolor..neutered male, negative for FIV/FeLV and...... Happy Gilmore... a solid black large neutered male FIV/FeLV negative cat (who tammy and laura wanted to name beryl..but i ask you who the hell wants to be named beryl?????) i had already veto's tammy's suggestion of willy cuz i said when we were kids we used to call penis's "willy's" and i did not want that childhood memory stuck to a poor helpless cat.

the staff named him Happy Gilmore because he started purring as soon as we got him and hasn't stopped yet...including during his exam and bloodwork check.

milton had stopped eating and drinking in the shelter...but he did chow down immediately on temptatios treats as soon as we got home. and Gil dived into fancy feast so for their first hour here, i am pretty happy with how well they have done.

sammy is the tiny little 5.6 pound min pin...she is fiesty, needy and fun. her teeth may well be the very worst ever. our vet started her on antibiotics and she goes back in on monday for bloodwork pre-surgery...she will probably lose everything but tiny little gummy dogs do ok if they get canned food routinely.

we brought peanut and cali home with us. peanut is booked for euthanization next monday..her kidneys are in total failure. pretty soon, like a week or two, she is seriously going to feel like shit. we will give a nice week of loving and then help her to pass peacefully on. cali had her biopsy, we await her results. scrappy starts with a low dose of insulin...just 2 units twice a day for this week and then we will see how's he done.

by the time we got home the shed had been moved and is standing in it's new looks great! everything neat and tidy and matching and all in a row for maximum convenience. the goats are still using it at bedtime tonight...tomorrow they move back to the old blind goat pen until their permanent new goat/llama house is built.

that is it for the news..i got new animals to make feel at home here.

and i would just like to say that i got a good chuckle from the comments about my car/cat mix ups...saints bloggees have a great sense of humour!



The car/cat comments were the funniest since the
'IS KAPOOM' blog. Loved that one. A little humour goes a long way toward easing stress or grief.


Sammy is so cute. She is very tiny but appears tough. I know I accidently called her Griffin a couple of times. She is a little Griffin mini me. It was funny when we first brought her in the house, nobody seemed that interested...except Griffin. Even in his blindness he must have known it was another minpin. He relentlessly had his nose at her butt and followed her all over...she was fast and we she lost him he would run around sniffing a few butts till...yeah I found her again!

Amy Dalgliesh

Hey...I have a Willie!(Wait that doesn't sound quite right). My Willie is named after (wait that doesn't sound right either) Willie Nelson, because my orange semi-feral is my red-headed stranger. I also have a cat named Handsome Guy and always wonder what my neighbors think when I am out calling, "Come here Handsome Guy, come on sweet Willie".


The new cats both appear to be very sweet. Milton is a great name, not so keen on the Gilmore thing. Laura's suggestion of Berle (as in Milton Berle) was the best idea, but I think Gil will be okay.
Hope Cali is feeling better and settling back into the medical/bunny area.