Rescue Journal

angelina had some good news for us today...

Carol  ·  Jun. 9, 2010

apparently the little possum we picked up off the side of the road is going to be ok....looks like she was bitten in the face by a dog...which sucks but is not as life threatening as being hit by a car.
the other interesting news about her is that she was protecting inside her pouch a litter of possum kits!

i am taking a sick day tomorrow...for some reason every time i start to walk around, i get dizzy. it started this morning and it has not gone away and since i really do not want to pass out at a clients house, i think tomorrow i will take a sick day. anyway i got a chance to try out our new call in sick system...can i just say that it is the absolute stupidest idea put into implementation that i have ever seen.

instead of just phoning our staffing clerk and saying i will be sick tomorrow...i now phone a toll free long distance number and get an automated voice. i push all of the appropriate buttons on my touch tone phone as directed and then it won't accept my employee number. an operator comes on (YAWNING!!!) and takes down my info and gives me a confirmation number and then she connects me right to my usual staffing clerk who i now get to talk to in person and say i will be sick tomorrow.

like oh my much did that idiot-stick system actually cost???

wanna know where your health care dollars are being spent? on not so bright, highly inefficient, repetatively stupid ideas with toll free calling, automated answering machines, yawning operators and the exact same staffing clerk.

the think tanks must be running low on oxygen.

i should test it out again on friday and see if it works any better.



I'm so glad about that little possum, especially if she is a nursing mommy, too! Thanks for posting that she's o.k. I was worried about her.