Animal Updates

the trouble with afternoon shifts is...

Carol  ·  Jun. 12, 2010

it is so late by the time i get home. getting everyone out for a final pee is tricky because they simply cannot start barking this late at night. it works pretty good if i let them out in controlled small groups...but it does take longer this way.

the good thing about coming home this late is...i get to see a different side of things...i see them where they are waking, all blinking and bleary eyed. for the past two nights...sidney has been curled up with yoshi and doris when i go into the rabbit room..i have no idea why all three of them prefer that bed by the door instead of the beds in the medical room.

Yeah I'm bunking with 2 dawgs ... I'm kool like dat


chewie is softer at night about demanding more food..i give him a small late night snack and he is happy with that.

Now I won't need to eat my dressing I tonight I guess ....


i noticed that while milton's cold is improving...happy gilmore's is getting worse. this would be because milton got a convenia injection at the vets when he came in but they thought gilmore would be ok without one. they did say however if he started to change to just let them know and they would send one home for him. i guess i will pick it up on monday when i do the next vet run. he did come out and have some fancy feast so i think he will be fine until monday.

Yes to the fancy feast ... no to the shot!

Happy Gilmore

it was pretty damn clean around here when i got home tonight..the volunteers did an awesome job and laura came in this evening to quickly check on everyone and i am sure she had to mop up again. we had 3 potential staff thru for their tour today...and i think we have another 5 coming in tomorrow. i did get the resumes printed off at work so at least i am a bit better prepared. we have so far had about 50 resumes in this weekend and i expect more now the print ads in the papers are out. i am trying to keep the short list down to about a dozen so the tours and interviews are not too overwhelming for us.

it was a beautiful day today and the only thing that pissed me off was the cows. i caught all three of the little bastards this morning, hiding out in the bushes and stripping bark off of everything. little emily had no lie, a 3 foot strip hanging from her little mouth. i can understand starving barn guys stripping and eating the bark off of trees but our particular barn guys are a very far cry from even close to possibly being the slightest bit i think before we are a sanctuary of stripped and dead barkless trees..they should freaking knock it off and find something else to do to amuse themselves instead of eating my trees.

Bushwacking tree killers!!!!

percy in the treebarkless treeemily and pete eat tree

bastards..they have no idea how long it takes a tree to grow so they better leave them the hell alone.

there will be no cow self actualizing around here by debarking and murdering innocent i just have to figure out how to protect about 30 trees from 3 very busy cows.



a very loose sleeve of chicken wire aroound each trunk will work and is cheap. it's just a pain to do it.