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dog piles

Carol  ·  Jun. 13, 2010

i got up this morning (late... cuz i don't get to sleep til after 2pm on afternoon shifts) and mandy, max, larry and molly were all having a sleepover together on the big mat leading to the back cat area.

it was too cute...saints oldest and most destroyed beauties all asleep together in a comfy geriatric dog pile. squirt woke up from his bed when i went by and hopped over to give larry's left ear a morning bath....that was cute too in a sort of early morning gagging least he didn't squirt on any of them so that was nice....i don't have time for extra bathing today.

we do have odd animals here...since her haircut and shave..merry now reminds me of a happy and animated would have to see her to get it, but she really does...she is officially saints most ever homely dog.

BEFORE: fairly homely & AFTER: homeliest dog EVER
merry beforemerry's new hair cut

there is A LOT of white paint on A LOT of old was dark when i got home so i can't tell who got more..the dogs or the fences. sigh...i will be adding bathing dogs with paint on them to my list of things to do before the open house...and bathing dogs is one of my least favorite chores. this is because they almost always look sad, pathetic and upset when they are all they get all of the beds wet when they insanely roll and rub around which means more laundry...ripples in the painting saints fences pond.

well...i better get my ass in gear..i need breakfast... the diabetics need breakfast and insulin, chewie needs his bath and wound care and maple needs a parapalegic bunny bath too...and i really want to get edwina's new crippled duck area and house set up and give her a nice bath in the sunshine today too.

No thanks. Go bath your painted dogs. I don't want nor need a bath.


plus if i want help getting that tarp up on the backyard gazeebo (we have lost the cover somewhere and a replacement is over $200 so i found a 10x10 black netted tarp which i am hoping will work instead and not look too stupid)...anyway..if i want help with that..i better get moving because some more potentials for the meet and greet and tours are booked in straight thru from 10-2.

i am doing the meet and greets this time because i don't have enough time before hiring to bring folks in on trial shifts first..this way they can get a feel for saints and what we do to see if this is actually where they would like to work.

altho to be truthful..i should bring them thru when it is pissing down rain and BEFORE the volunteers get a chance to swing their magic mops and manure forks to make all the mess disappear around here.

oh well....hopefully they have very good imaginations....cuz first thing in the morning and raining, crappy days are not quite like late mornings on a saints sunny is unintentionally misleading but it does give a good view of the possibilities around here with a stellar and great care giving crew.


Mauro Salles

Is there any dog painted only on one side? And a dog's silhouette on the fence, without painting?


Oh well, all good if the fences got painted right? Little paint on the dogs never hurt anyone (speaking from experience!) If they are anything like my two they just had to get close to the action :)

Amy Dalgliesh

Those pictures of Merry won't sell homely. You'll have to to better (or would that be worse) than that.


bailey painted his own face while running the fence when we were painting it but i gave daphne her racing stripe (it made her look more speedy).
I can give baths on friday aswell.

Francesca Wilson

Hi Carol
Marie and I will be at SAINTS on Wednesday. Marie has adopted a sweet dog from Turtle Gardens (a sister for Gussie or Tia as she was). Looking forward to being there.
Thanks, francesca