Rescue Journal

ok...the dinner napkin list has gone to shit...

Carol  ·  Jun. 16, 2010

i decided to change my bed first so when i was really tired, i could go to bed. it was the usual struggle to change the linens on a giant bed with about 10 dogs all thinking it was the most fun they ever have had. by the time it was done...we were all tired and united of mind, decided to lay down on top for a second and enjoy the nice bed.

i just woke up. and i am freaking cold. and my back hurts because those buggers had me pinned in a pretzel immitation.

and besides all that, i can't find the god damn napkin.

my motivation is gone, i tried to revive it with some peak freans and milk but tula not only stole one of the cookies but she stuck her paw in my milk.

and i know damn well where her paw has i am not drinking it now.

yeah so, I wanted some milk with my cookie

oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men just royally crapped out again.

there are 27 unread resumes from today in my email..... maybe i will instead have a look at them.

or maybe not.



From experience I think you have to take the dominant approach to sleeping with dogs. If they are in your way make sure they know it, gently of course.. Perhaps marking your half of the bed with pillows?

All worked for me till Josh snorey pants got too freaking loud and now they both sleep in the office. Cause as the saying goes if Mom isn't happy NO ONE is!


Hahaha - "Tula not only stole one of the cookies but she stuck her paw in my milk" - you really do give me a good laugh (and tears) regularly Carol. From a devoted blog reader and animal lover, thankyou for what you do.