Rescue Journal

the two new old girls are home...

Carol  ·  Jun. 16, 2010

sammy lost all of her teeth and had her geratric spay as well. poppy lost all but 2 of her teeth, her left eye was removed and the mammary tumour as well....right now neither one thinks rescue is much fun.

the vet was out for the de-wormings and vaccines for the barn crew. we decided not to give gideon the west nile vaccine, he is just too thin and frail right now. chewie had his wound checked..the vet is very pleased with his overall healing. and czar had his sheath cleaned which colleen said went well.

edwina got her new inescapable crippled duck pen. she is starting to weight bear so that leg is healing on its own. but she still can't go back to living with floyd because he will just damage it or the other one again.

i am trying to get hold of both our sheep and llama far no luck. hopefully we can get everyone done before the rain starts up again.

i am almost back on schedule with the things on my napkin list..i will probably catch up tomorrow if i don't stop to set up the new feed shed and really..i should just leave that til next week.