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Hey all you Chance fans ...

Carol  ·  Jun. 17, 2010

(From Sara Chance`s Foster Mom)

…great news!!! Chance got a wheelchair on Monday and absolutely loves it! I posted a video on his blog.

video of Chance riding in his new wheels

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***Speaking of .... I (Jenn) thought I would add the picture of the Modern Dog Spread that Colleen Bridges had beautifully framed and now hangs above formerly Sissy and Buddy's fireplace (now Griffin and well Griffin's fireplace ... he owns both beds apparently lol).

Modern Dog Spread



I love that you guys had the spread framed...what a fantastic idea! He is getting quite the following...they used his picture for a Father's Day gift card for our Modern Dog subscribers! We will definitely be stopping by tomorrow to say hi, wheelchair and all.


i will look at what we have for plates/cups...but i think we still have lots hanging around....might need napkins tho.
water and pop are covered and so is ice..since vegie trays seem to be covered...i am bringing fruit and cookies.


That does a heart good....I'm soooo happy for my special little boy.....a monster with mags!

cheryl and stef

YAY Chance, looking forward to seeing what trouble he gets into now that he has his wheels...