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Guest  ·  Jun. 18, 2010

(From Jenn-- aka Miss General Walking Boss II)

I was up at SAINTS yesterday and today from like 10am-7pm and I worked hard both days cleaning ... and so did my mom. But being the evil daughter that I am ... I left my sweet mommy dearest with a list of things to do:

  • Clean the office
  • Make room in the fridges for the volunteers to put the food they are bringing for the open house in the morning
  • Move that stuff

Generally I am a "If I want it done and particularly if I want it done RIGHT --do it myself" BUT sometimes ... desperate times call for HELP and in these cases I can be very very bossy. My bossiness however is one the many things (both good and bad) I have inherited from my Mother who will brag that in her younger years her family used to refer to her as Miss General Walking Boss.

Anyways my point is that my mother is busy doing the list of things I implanted in her head as well as her own little list of things she wants to do herself (aka the ways she likes) so she may or may not post tonight which is a good thing I tell you because you would only have heard her complain about the 6 different NEW crises we had today ... (but I will let her tell you all about that when she is done her--and mine TO DOs).

I want to give you a nice happy post ...

I hope to see as many of you as possible this weekend at the open house and we will be launching ticket sales for the 4th Annual Wishes 4 Whiskers Dinner and Auction. This year it is Saturday September 18 at Pitt Meadows Golf and includes a pasta buffett. Tickets are $60 each or a table of 8 for $400. More event info here:

Here are some of my most favorite pics that I took over the last few weeks ... enjoy!!!

Andy and Lola will only let me take their pictures when cookies are involved. One cookie= one picture

bed buddies taking a late afternoon nap
Bed buddies

Ellie and Angel taking ONE of their MANY daily naps

Bibi and Merry are SUPER happy!!!!

Emily and Frodo with blue skies-- I hope its blue skies all weekend for the Open House

Monty and Bobby Brown are total opposites. Monty is pushy and Bobby is timid but both are love bugs
MontyBobby Brown

Lil' Big Bud with Kodi in the back ground
Lil Big Bud

Here is Tyra being tyra--happy and in your face. Behind her is Pheobe being pheobe --barking and freaking out! pushing tyra's buttons!!

awe and here is Larry with bubbles on his tongue

And for the finale by popular request ... Miss General BARKING Boss III

TRANSLATION: Cookies please ... I want Coooookiessss. I neeeeed cookies ...

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Thanks Shelley that is a wonderful compliment coming from a great photographer like yourself!


I like one cookie= one picture. Andy poses like a little saint for his one (measly) cookie!

Mauro Salles

Jenn, i suggest you another topic ==> Esther (Bossy III ?) has a hilarious video, and I bet most people did not watch it, because the link is included in a comment. :)