Rescue Journal

i did not sleep well...

Carol  ·  Jun. 19, 2010

it was a struggle to get to and stay asleep for even a couple of hours...i drank too much coke last night which is why i was able to stay up so late and get stuff done. and i woke up at 6 this morning BEFORE my freaking alarm. wanna bet i will not be in my best, most intelligent form for the open house today?

but..ha ha very little clean up this morning before i got to have my tea. this would be because the lazy piss-ants are still soundly asleep.

i see blue skies and sunshine..please god keep it good for a couple of days....and don't let folks not come today because of soap box derby's and fathers day.

i am not the only one awake here...squirt is awake and already enthusiastically cleaning larry's ears..larry has that early morning, sleepily resigned, tongue in his ear look..i am sure he would have preferred to wait til 9 am to have his ear canals cleaned. oh less job for me!

Oh, if there are strangers coming here today I better go get my hiding place ready ...

soooo...meds, diabetics, chewie and maple's baths...finish the last bit out in the cat run floor, clean up frodo's trailer, the office, make room in the fridges (jenn!) and with the troops doing the quickie cleaning we should (knock on wood) be ready to rock and roll...or in my foggy case....maybe i will fake and bake (if the sun doesn't disappear.)

hello saint-friendly troops??? are ya ready for the 4th annual saints open house...2 days of total exhaustion..let me know if we're having fun???



Thats wonderful, always good to have community support. I'm glad all went well and I'm hoping for another clear day for you all tomorrow. Wish I could've come!


THanks Marie. Today went great. Three foster dogs came for a visit: Gracie, Katie (formerly Tinkerbell) and Chance! so that was the highlight of my day. But the Mayor of Mission came today and had a tour and told my my that he was proud that SAINTS was in Mission. Sunday or Monday I will post some pictures for those who could not come can have a kind of "virtual tour" ... so stay tuned. Twas a good day but I am beat!

marie bellemare

Been thinking of you all at SAINTS today, hope all went well, we had rain here this pm but I said I can deal with all the rain in the world this weekend as long as it's nice weather in Mission... sending great vibes for tomorrow as well - Carol, hope you sleep like a baby tonight - yes I know I'm asking for a miracle !!!