Rescue Journal

i slept from about 9pm last night til 6 am this morning....

Carol  ·  Jun. 23, 2010

hopefully that ought to unfry this tired old brain.

my list to-do's is getting long...get some money down on the vet bills so i need to figure out the fairest way to split up what we have, the mp building animals need care...barn feeds/litter to pick up, potential adopters for poppy to meet, plus i do need to get going on my own laundry in anticipation of going back to work next week...but i might put that off until tomorrow if i run out of time.

i wanted to fix up the bottom pasture but i do need some rain in the forecast to get going on that. it will mean a couple of days on the tractor...not sure how my back feels about that. plus there are some battery hens hanging in baskets from a wall i saw recently that i want to try to get up here and give them a better life for a little while....oh and someone please remind me...dusty needs to be in maple ridge tomorrow at 0830 for her blood sugar curve....and i have a new potential staff person coming up for a tour.

sigh...i guess i better let this day begin.



Battery hens are egg laying hens whereas broiler hens are meat birds.

bottom line .... they spend their life in a cage in cramped conditions and never set foot on ground. I think mama duck .... may soon become manm hen too!!!!


Remember to vote for SAINTS in the SHELTER CHALLENGE. 2nd place is starting to catch up.

Mauro Salles

I use a high tech solution for very important things to remember: write it on a large piece of paper and COVER my alarm clock with it. It helps me a lot. But, despite being a "scandalously obvious" way to remember, occasionally I forget something and try to kill myself.


Hoping you have a GREAt day... once again I have left my cell at home ( 3 days in row) my brain appears to be failing as well.