Rescue Journal

hugs to nicole....

Carol  ·  Jun. 24, 2010

carly passed peacefully away last night...i am glad we got to see her last weekend. she probably was one of saints biggest doorknobs...but she was truly a very great girl.

thank you so much for loving her and making her happy nicole....i am deeply sorry for your loss of her.

rest in peace carly the red-nosed pitbull (aka... the poor abused little pitty in the silly chicken outfit) and watch carefully over nicole.



Sorry for this loss Nicole, she certainly was a special pitty girl and I am glad she had you to love her . I will miss your pics of her in her various outfits & poses.


Im so sorry Nicole, Carly was an amazing dog who was blessed to have you in her life.

Colleen Donnelly

Awww, so very very sorry for this huge loss Nicole. Hugs to you and everyone who loved Carly.


i am so sorry for your loss of carly. i really liked her. i remember i used to take her for walks when she was at saints and always said a little extra prayer that she would find a good home. and she did. when i saw her at the open house i was so saddened that she was so thin and not herself but she had you and that was all that mattered. thankyou nicole and zoe, for cody another one of my favs, you guys are great. she had a great life with you love fiona and shrek and emmy hope they stay around for a long long time


So sorry to hear about your dear Carly, Nicole. I am glad that she felt the comforts of your special family around her with her passing.


Sorry Nicole about you losing Carly. I will not forget your kindness and support when I lost Molson a couple of weeks ago (you were very calm when I came bursting into Emerg. at Midnight!). Thinking of you and the rest of the clan in your home. We all know how it feels.


I'm sorry for your dear loss!! I missed your open house and was really disappointed as I wanted to Emily all grown up. I cried deeply when Todd passed and yet was very relieved Emily pulled through. So I drove by the other night in my white honda and saw Emily with Percy and Joy as you were feeding. It made my heart smile sooooo much!! She's beautiful all grown up!! I really needed that as I was driving home from Harrison Hot Springs and saw many dairy farms and those veal tents, and after seeing Emily and friends I smiled again. Thank you for rescuing all these lovely darlings Carol!! : )


Carly was the sweetest pitbull I have ever had the pleasure of knowing - Thank you Nicole for giving her your home and your heart

jezebel sorry to hear about Carly. :( You gave her the bestest home EVER.