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carl and pete are being dickheads tonight.

Carol  ·  Jun. 25, 2010

chewie is spending his first night out with the barn guys and pete and carl keep chasing him. i think it is because he is crying and wants back into the bunny room. i finally went and got the poor little bugger and shut him in a stall for the night. it means all of the goats will have to sleep in the under cover area but until chewie settles and is not so upset, (like when they quit chasing him)..thats how the cookie crumbles at saints tonight.

Oh well, if it invloves cookies ... can that cookie crumble into my mouth per chance?

anyway..once i put him to bed, carl started chasing gilbert next...thats right carl...pick on the little not so bright fat boy..that shows a ton of class. oh well he will get his own back again...monday is shearing carl is also shearing sheep day but the sheep have been very good so it is in my mind a necessity for them not a punishment like it is for carl.

Oh. I thought he wanted to be my friend
As if, pee brain

amos the donkey, is periodically crying, my neighbors are going to really love me now....i think he is lonely in this new place tonight. he is confined in the used to be blind goat pen with just an uncover area instead of a stall til the new goat pen is closed in and the cows move over one stall. he has to be confined because he is a fully intact male and does not get his gelding until the first week in july. so he is going to be lonely for a while. BUT...he has much closer proximity to the other animals then he did..the cows are quite fascinated by him and are keeping him company thru the fence. he has 2 large pressure sores on his nose from the heavy chain pulling down on his halter. i am going to see if i can find something to put on them to help them heal and feel better soon... in the meantime we will keep a halter off of him...removing the pressure is half the battle to getting something like that to heal.

We like ALL animals
SAINTS: Cows. Em, joy and percy

i checked the chickens...they really stink..but they seem happy is a pretty small house for them tonight but tomorrow i will let them out in the little yard.
all of the bunnies look pretty happy that is good too. the 4 meat rabbits have never touched the ground so they are all playing and bombing around.
we successfully bonded stevie (who lost his best friend stu a couple of months ago) with a little female lop that tammy has named amber.
the other three are unneutered males and need to be fixed before i can start trying to bond together so they currently are all in cages. if we can bond them together we will actually only have one new rabbit run to clean so that is ok.

so here are the names we already have...
2 of the flemish giant meat females names are..willow and hazel...we need 2 more tree names to go with them.

amber is named and is partnered with stevie.... and the little boys are all named...billy, ray and bob.

but the 11 battery hens all need names and they all look exactly alike to me so not sure how to tell them you think 11 identical hens can all share the same family name and not feel unimportant? of them is injured but i am not sure which, there was fresh blood in the transport carrier when we got home. i am hoping once they are all out tomorrow, i can get a better look at them individually.

tyra just ate an ice cream sandwich with me again tonight so that is good news.


Yvette~Turtle Gardens

My "tree" dogs are Willow, Balsam and Birch with Leaf as their half brother. I like naming litters/groups as themes. Helps me keep them in order!

Amy Dalgliesh

Trees? I'll give you trees... Camellia, Juniper, Linden, Loquat, Mimosa, PawPaw, Sassafrass, Snowbell, Tupelo...and my favorite (but to be saved for that special animal)....Wingnut!

Colleen, your narrative of the barn yard was great! It ran like a movie in my head. These animals will soon realize that life has become very, very good. Thank you Carol for giving them their santuary.


For the bunnehs, I like Ash and Yew. Cotton and Cherry is another option. And for the hens, if you cannot tell them apart consistently, how about one name spelled 11 different ways? I like Harley (Harli, Harlie, Harly, Harleigh, etc.) or Carley (you can spell it with a C or a K! Think of the options!)

Colleen Donnelly

I looked in on Amos and Chewie a bit ago when I got home. Amos...what a sweet boy. He is wanting to be friends but is wary. Of course. But he's still very much looking forward to making friends. He's not just inquisitive. Good name choice Carol!

Chewie...awww you poor wee babe. Carol was in and out of the barn area today ( yesterday now that it is 1:30 am ) and he stuck by her all the time whining and asking, we're going back now right? are we going back? really really want to go back now okay? hey! hey lady! you forgot to take me baaaack!!! Buck up Chewie, you'll make alliances soon enough.

I didn't look in on the hens or buns. Such fragile gentle creatures needed the time without a lookey loo peering and watching. But gawd damn it was glorious to watch their feet touch solid ground for the first time in their lives when they arrived. The hens scratched, the buns hopped. Bliss.

Clicked on the Shelter Challenge to vote. A photo of a white horse appeared on the page where you verify your answer. I typed in Gideon. Ehhhh, wrong answer. Did y'all remember to vote today?


tree names-Apple,Cypress, Holly, Lilac, Juniper, Peach, Magnolia, Spruce, Ash.
I forgot to mention, my sister spoke with ( I think, Kathy or Nicole) at the open house and had said they needed someone to write the animals names that have passed on the polished rocks in the memorial garden. My sister, Pam and her daughter (both with nice printing and artistic abilities) are willing to help with this, if needed. I could, too. I can do calligraphy.

Mauro Salles

Tyra is fourteen years old (not too old), very well loved and cared. Could be a temporary malaise?


Does this mean that Chewie has turned the corner in his recovery and is going to be okay?


Two more tree names:
Cotton and Woody?
Winter and Berry?
Choke and Cherry?

I feel another contest coming on.