Rescue Journal

carley's costumes

Nicole  ·  Jun. 25, 2010

Thank you for the kind words.
I'm not a fan of the quiet in the house tonight. I miss my little fatfat. Shrek and Fi are lying on the couch being good and Emme is lying at my feet waiting for dinner. And there's no Carley moving back and forth between us to get attention (me and Emme to check for food and Shrek and Fi to clean their faces).

Carley is my only dog who would both fit into the dog costumes and permit me to dress her.
My Lobster:


She wore this costume for atleast a day straight. (it's a green dinosaur incase you can't tell)

This is my all time favourite photo of her:


Amy Dalgliesh

That's the one! Carley was the first pup I saw on the SAINTS blog and have been a fan ever since.


it never made it to youtube. it's on her webpage:

Amy Dalgliesh

Oh Nicole, I'm so sorry. I know that there's a big empty spot on that couch and in your heart right now. It doesn't matter how many times you go through this, each loss is painful and the feelings unique; as individual as the animal we loved was. Know that people all over the world are sharing in your grief and I hope that will help you get through this hard time.

I seem to remember that Carley was on You Tube a few years back, am I correct? Is it still there?


When I first started at Saints Carley stole my heart. She was such a loving girl. She was the one that I would walk down the road and I must say she really enjoyed her walks. So sorry for your loss Nicole, she really was a beautiful dog and thank you for giving her your home and your heart.


So sorry for your loss Nicole (and shrek, fi, and em). I know how much you loved her and you gave her everything she could have wanted and more.


Thanks for sharing these photos in your time of grief, Nicole. I'm not a fan of dressed up dogs, but I just changed my mind! That green dinosaur is way too cute!

Colleen Donnelly

Carly reminds me a LOT of the very frist Pitty that stole my heart and made me a Pit lover. Such loving beings. ( Miss you, and thanks Sasha )

A truly seriously misunderstood breed.

Your dogs were the bomb during the open house Nicole. I know for a fact one of my friends that came was astonished with them. All the negatives you could hear, she believed. But when she met your honey pies, it was a transformation in beliefs.

Awww Nicole, sorry for your hurting heart.