Rescue Journal

still keeping busy at saints.

Carol  ·  Jun. 28, 2010

annie, elizabeth and carl all got sheared....they were all very, very good and they all look lovely. the vet came while carl was still in the chute, so he had his vaccines too. amos had his vaccines and his deworming so he is all ready for his gelding next week. poppy and sammy went into the vets for their re-checks and suture removals, and all is good with them.

I'm Poppy. I don't think we've met yet. I'm very cute & I make even cuter little baby noises ... like: o,o,o,ooooo.


the new bunnies are still tossing their bowls so tammy and i tried to outsmart them with water bottles and bowls that hang from the side of the wire...with varying degrees of success.

maria did start today but is in the midst of a terminal illness with a close family member so she may or may not be here on any given day over the next couple of we need to be prepared for short notice short staffing...but that is ok, we can manage whatever we need to for the next little bit.

yoshi has another eye infection..oh yay, he is such a little bugger to get eye drops into (remember last time the vet actually injected the antibiotics directly into his eye to give us a break from his biting us.....i wonder if i can convince him to do that again...i will phone and find out.)

i still have a bunch of bunny transport kennels i have to get cleaned up and put away to keep me occupied for the rest of the afternoon.

we have named the rest of the brown family of bunnies...hazel, willow, holly and ivy brown.

we have named all 11 of the battery hens i think .

whoever came up with the same name spelled 11 different ways is brilliant...thank you!

classy cassy chick

classy cassie chick

classy cassi chick

classy kassy chick

classy kassey chick

classy kassie chick

classy kassi chick

classy kaszi chick

classy kaszie chick

for ease and convenience we will just call them the classy chicks...unless we have to call them by individual name for some reason.

brenda said it best today..without tyra, there is a giant hole in this house.



Very cute names for the classy chicks, not to mention VERY creative spelling!


I will be there Thursday and the weekend for the many feathered friends and the barn guys.


i am working on fri and i will be away on july11 which isa sunday so will not be able to help that day. i will come up on thurs for awhile and will be there om weekend.

Colleen B

I should be around this weekend, and I'll come out on Thursday but can't on Friday.

How's Miss Suzie? I saw her briefly on Sat - any news on her eye?


I thought I'd give lots of notice: To all volunteers: I am away this upcoming long weekend (camping), so will not be in at all. Sorry! - Also, I know Rene is coming in on Thursday, July 1st,(Holiday) but is not in on Friday so Carol has no paid staff that day for the "house". Oh, I saw Amos today - he is very sweet, and loves to be petted.