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no word on annabelle yet...

Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2010

i am pretty sure ang and eric are busy..i wonder if my mom worried so much when my kids were being born.

al and that damn blue egg...honestly he is going to give himself a heart attack goofing around in the pond with that thing.

shadow is having a hard time settling tonight...she is getting so frail. i gave her a torb so am just waiting for that to kick in...she hasn't needed one at bedtime for weeks now but i sure am glad we have it when she needs. i was giving her some extra loving and feeling badly that she is starting to fade and then lola tried to horn in so shadow got pissed off and snapped at her face. even when she is getting so close to the end...shadow has a ton of spunk in her..i just wish she would lay down and sleep so i can wrap her in a soft and warm fleece....because of her cardiac disease and her frailness, she has a hard time keeping her temperature up and staying warm on her own.

It would help if it wasn't June-uary here

renee left me a note that endora is losing weight. i fed her a couple of extra times tonight and she is also getting pretty unsteady and weak. she would only eat a little bit each time that i fed her. i think she is 18 or 19 years old now..i am pretty sure she and sam were 15 when they came in...and she has to have been here at least three years, maybe four, so she is definitely getting up there in age.

she is such a good cat.

Yes I am, I am

tomorrow ought to be interesting...maybe a first grandchild for me to i think i am on my own for the house and mp building and suzie has a late afternoon appointment in maple ridge for her suture removal from her eye...i really hope it is not damaged and that she will still be able to see out of it...i should call in the morning and see if dave has time to check shadow's chest when suzie goes in. i don't think there is fluid there so i haven't been giving her any lasix...she is not coughing, but i should get her in and have it checked just in case i am wrong.

Woot Hoo!!!


is there some old wise saying about waiting for babies to be born?..i can't remember what it is but i think there is one.


Colleen Donnelly

Yay for happy endings! And thanks for you and your friend for being so kind and caring Tannis.

Tannis Kokotilo

This has nothing to do with your blog tonight, but i have to put this nights story in to your blog, while the fire works were going on in heritage park, my girl friend lives not far from there. Anyways both her dogs were freaking out from the noise of the fire works. And this was well before 10 oclock before the fire works starts, so just to let everyone know! Your dogs if in the yard will take off if this scares them and they have an out!! So anyway we were walking back and we noticed this whiteish dog, looked like a golden lab cross greyhoundish dog, runing in and out of traffic, we could tell he or she was freaked out, needless to say me and her are both huge animal lovers, and we started to run after him or her, god the dog almost got hit like five or six times...... Me and Irma my friend litterly jumped in to traffic to protect this dog. ANyway happy ending we finally got the dog cornered. Like it took at least one half hour to 45 mins for us to get this dog tonight. What really buged us the most was how many people saw this and know one cared! Anyway thats why me and her are friends!! And to make this story better, as she was holding him a group of people walked by and said hey thats are friends dog that took off, and the owners came and got him................ anyway we are proud that we think we saved his life, but pissed off at how many others didn't care..........


Colleen Donnelly

I turned off the video at 3 minutes and called Al out of the pond. He could have stayed in there forever chasing that egg. He reminds me of Dexter. Go go go dogs. Don't worry Carol, I keep him in check while I'm with him. He's not out of my eye or mind ever.

Wise old saying about babies? They will come when they are ready. ( I dunno, I just made that up )