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the sad news tonight is shadow has passed away.

Carol  ·  Jul. 2, 2010

i was still at the hospital so laura came to pick up shadow and suzie for their vet appointment for me. shadow was ok when i left here but by the time laura got here...she was flat out on the floor. laura called from the clinic..the vet was recommending euthanization and i agreed.

laura held her while she passed away for me.

i am sorry shadow that i was not there with you but i do know that you were in the very best hands..i just wished i could have said good bye to you...i was not expecting to lose you today.

rest in peace lovely girl...i am so glad i had the chance to love you.

and thank you laura for holding her gently and with such with love as she ended her life today.

Shadow without a hair cut

Shadow with a hair cut


Adventuresome long-eared Shadow
Cookie Monster Shadow and Playful rolling manic-happy Shadow

Sleepy Shadow
AND Pillow Queen Shadow



shadow...we never got to meet but i followed your days at SAINTS. you found the best place on earth to spend your last days...may you run free


I remember when Shadow came to us about 9 months ago, we thought she wouldn't be with us long...but she proved us wrong she was one tough Cocker. Even at the clinic when she was so very tired she still managed to give a snip at the vet...good girl. Shadow went very peacefully with kisses and whispers in her ear of how much Carol and the rest of us loved her. Be free sweetie.

As for Suzie the vet said her eye went back into the socket well and after removing the sutures she looks good except for a small ulcer on the eye which she will take daily drops for till healed.


goodbye beautiful shadow. laura did the vet say anything about suze? she ok?


so sorry about shadow. she took over the bed for sure. she would get really pissy when i would try to move her to make the bed so i made it around her. she was a great little girl and will be missed.

Colleen B

Rest in peace, beautiful girlie. I'm thankful for the extra moments I spent with you yesterday.