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the problem with minpins...

Carol  ·  Jul. 3, 2010


they are demonic self-actualizers with quick, reactive, thought processes. in some ways they are really easy dogs to care for..they are little, their coats are short and slick and tight to the body so there is little to shed...and they have the same 3 thoughts swirling around in their heads..over and over, warmth, and enormous personal power to protect their food and warmth.

our own two little misfits have intimidated or chased (or tried to gum to death) pretty much every animal here that they have met. it never occurs to them that some of these animals mouths are bigger than them. sometimes it looks like a goldfish chasing a whale (this would be when sammy goes after esther)...sometimes it looks like a ghostly blanket, snarling and leaping across the floor...going after no one at all.

i get up this morning and have a quick look around to see where everyone is and if all is ok. the minpins totally messed up my quick check because there are only 2 minpins here but 7 beds with minpin blanket i had to poke them all to see which ones warmly encased the real minpins.

and it does not just mess me up either...once i had my tea and sat down to check the emails...i watched larry, molly and maude cautiously check out each mound of potential blanket rage before they chose their next bed.

it is like checking out brand new, in the making, hornets there even a hornet actually in there yet?

minpins are really like hornets you know....mostly interested in only gathering food and building their many warm homes. and hornets only get mad when some stupid being makes the mistake of getting much too close to the home they are currently in....or a new and potential interesting food source.

and they do have some kind of intrinsic radar that tells them exactly where the other hornet..(i mean minpin) is..because sammy and griffin never seem to mistake which blanket mound the other minpin is in.

i will tell you the trick of how to keep minpins quiet and well contained...just turn on the air conditioner and put all extra good smelling food, far, far away.

then they will stay in their blanket mounds for a good part of every long as no one comes near.

How dare thee make us sound so archaic! Plus we are much cuter than hornets

sadly tho, poppy is awake now and wandering around gving me shit...and i know exactly what i am in trouble for with her. i am to go to the freezer and get her a frozen dinner for breakfast and microwave the sucker because she is hungry. once that thing hits the microwave, the minpins will know and cold or not, they will come out and start demanding their own.

way to go poppy...lets just start off the day with a trio of raging, hungry mini-beasts scaring the shit out of everyone.

food, food, food please ... and remember I am sick of shepherds pie!

ok! i will feed you but my next post will be about tiny, self actualizing, prima-donna poms!



yes mauro...sorry you are right, it was hope..gee where the heck is my brain!!!!

Mauro Salles

Carol, aren't you talking about Hope, who passed way one or two months ago?


i only ended up with one of her dogs...a sweet but ancient deaf/blind and dying chi...the rescue that had her and brought her here said her name was angel...but the minpins i know went to the spca.
if you know the original lady, she might be worried about the little chi...she is gone now but did pass very peacefully and comfortably.


Thanks... I thought that she was home now and that her PoA had turned the dogs over to someone (not SPCA) when she first went into hospital. Was hoping they were safe with you.


if janice is who i am thinking of from chilliwack, as far as i know those minpins are still under compassionate care at the spca while she is in hospital... or at least they were still there under cc when i was in last. griffin was originally a cnwb dog and sammy was a family owner surrender to the spca when her elderly owner either died or went into facility care, i can't remember which.