Animal Updates

good mornin'

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2010

max has a distressing (to him) pooh butt this morning...i am only very slightly distressed on his behalf so i am not bathing his butt before i go to work this morning. sorry max..if renee does not fix you up before then, i will do it at lunch.

Say what ... Pooh Butt? Ah mom did you have to tell the whole world ... geeze

i heard about a very good home looking for a donkey recently..maybe that will pan out for amos eventually. also poppy and chewie may also have really good homes..we will have to wait to see what happens all of the way around but it does give me hope.

Please make sure that my new home gets the memo RE: Sheppard's Pie please. In fact I think "potential" homes should be decided based on menu options and cooking skills. I will help taste test.

poppy is turning into quite the character...she is a tiny drama queen but in a very cute way. she oodles and dances to communicate her adorableness to me.

bailey and i have a nice routine going...once the goats go to bed for the night, i open the gate to my room up and he can go in and out to the yard as often as he likes. i close the gate again in the morning once the goats start wandering around and he ends up with about 10 or 12 hours of in and out freedom to do what he wants.

Why am I at this fence again ... oh now I've forgotten ...

the only kink in this plan is jesse parking himself at the doggy door...he and bailey do not like each other (this would be because jess is a total dick-head)..but he gets into big trouble with me if keeps guarding the door...i said bailey can go in and out freely during those hours and jess better let him too.

i guess the hot weather is coming...most of the air conditioners are set up for the animals...i just have to get the fans down from the shop and plugged in and the portable air conditioner set up in the big dog room. i was going to do that at lunch but i might have to wash max's it might have to wait til i get off of work.

i have ordered in the first 5000 gallons of water so we are ready for when the well runs dry...luckily i did not have to worry that there is no money because a very good friend set us up with a big credit balance with the water company this year (thank you!!!!!)

the next 3 days are donkey, and bunny speuter days...this would be when they all lose their ability to ever produce more homeless and neglected animals ever again...i am happy...they might not is a tough day for them all but so utterly necessary.

can anyone pick us up a free and relatively new washer and dryer being donated in mission to us? i think having 2 spare sets of each around here might be a really good idea...the only thing is, the pick up has to be this week?

if someone can...can they please call julie of the saints guardian angels to arrange?

and then fine if the washers or dryers want to crap out again...we are covered well if they do!

and...i guess i better get my ass moving and get into work. more reminder to everyone..lindsey's wedding is saturday july 24th so if we could have good volunteer coverage i can easily bugger off to play mother of the bride.



Thanks Colleen - I will await your loverly video impatiently....I needs some Poppy Sunshine please! ;)


Carol, did you phone that woman about tikko and tasha?? Dont forget!! :)

Colleen Bridges

I do! And I've been meaning to upload...please stay tuned. It's about the cutest thing EVAH.

Jenn Hine

I think Colleen B has a little video of poppy chasing her tail ....


May we please have a petite video of Ms. Poppy dancing? Pretty please.....:)