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heads up to kodi's special friends

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2010

that tumour is starting to push his colon out of he is starting to have trouble is a really good thing that right now his stools are loose. i have booked his vet check (in case he has any helpful suggestions) but also his probable euthanization (because i am not expecting any) for friday morning. kodi is not near ready to give up his life of creating chaos yet, but that tumour is starting to interfer with some pretty critical areas of his anatomy and because of this, it will get irredeemably uncomfortable for him soon.

this is so going to suck big time...kodi has not even admitted that he is the least bit sick yet..i don't know what it would take to make him not be able to ignore it anymore...except for maybe an obstructed bowel.

i have no idea kodi why we love you so much, but for some reason we really do.

of course you do ... come forth my adoring fans. And bring edible treats too please ...
kodi smiles

anyway..kodi's very good friends are welcome to come and visit him before friday as long as everyone promises not to act all weepy and sad...that might make him worry and we don't want him to worry about anything, so he can just keep being kodi, the crazy, happy, pain the the ass.

I have herded thee little critters they call "bed buddies" to the bed. Gawd I'm good. kodi hearding bed buddies

and if I see any "weepy wet things" I may try and herd them too
kodi in the sun



I will not be able to make it out before the week-end, so I am hoping you or Ann will splurge & buy him a chessburger from me. In the event that Kodi is not quite ready ... then he just gets a heck of a great ride to his check-up & we will have to come up with something better for the real thing... do they let dogs into the Keg ???

Hoping Kodi hangs out for while longer.


Carol you are too freaking kind.. sigh.. Sorry, not permitted to mention how Saintly you are so I won't. Ooops.

Met Kodi during your Open House, such a sweetie and glad you have the experience to know when enough is enough already as many of us do.

I am so hoping Kodi wolfs down as much Mickey D food as he can and sending $$ to ensure he does.

I am so sorry for your loss :(

Mauro Salles

I never met Kodi, but reading the blog and seeing the pictures it's very evident how noble, tenacious and stoic he is, having fortitude and determination, overcoming adversity. And he is happy there, at SAINTS, where he can be crazy and a pain in the ass too, without suffering violence or abuse.

The time may have come, but I refuse to believe that he will simply disappears. He is so beautiful ...


yes you can ann, kodi will be happy to have you with him...esp. if he can eat not only his own hamburger but yours too when we stop at mcdonalds drive thru on the way.


I will be up to see him tomorrow during the day if that is ok. Am I allowed to come to the vet's with you on Friday?


Oh Kodi just has a genuiness to him ... he lives with utter abandonment. The first time I met him was his first day at SAINTS and he was quietly laying at the foot of the bed with his chin on the floor. I walked in and he looked at him with his BIG GREY eyes and I was in love ... the next time I saw him; like 5 days later he was running around yapping and yipping at anything that moved. He was even herding me ... but after a few weeks he stopped herding the people and just stuck to herding his fourlegged brothers and sisters.

He is exactly why I support and volunteer at SAINTS. Because for the last 5 months he has been loved, cared for and been free to be himself. He does not know that he is sick and dying. Frankly he could care less there are much more important and interesting things happening .... bottom line: he is happy... more than happy I would say. Joyful and SAINTS has allowed him to LIVE, PLAY, LOVE, SLEEP soundly, EAT greedily ...

I will miss him. But I am thankful to have been able (along with the other volunteers, staff, and of course Carol), to have served in making his time here the best that it could have possibly been for him. As Carol has said it is not the death itself that is important ... it is the time leading up it.


i am so sorry ann. i know how much you love kodi. give him a kiss for me. sorry carol, if it his time. he is one feisty little bugger., but loved i will not be there this weekend as i am going into van but will be there next weekend. goodbye kodi bear love you.