Rescue Journal

it was pretty freaking hot today, i splurged and bought a slurpee on the way into town.!

Carol  ·  Jul. 8, 2010

the vet came out and re-opened amos's incision to clean out a very large further bleeding and he is feeling much better now.

amber and billy the bunnies had their spay and neuter today...all of the new bunnies are done now..we just have to wait a month for their hormones to go away.

steve finished off the new duck and bunny pens so that is good. the barn yard renos are officially complete now and that feels really good!

i think ellie's pain is from a large, deep, shoulder bruise..that is where i feel the heat on can feel the actual heat of pain with your hands because the increased blood flow to the painful area is warmer than not painful tissue. she spent the day today down by her peaceful zen waterfall under the trees.

tomorrow we have potential number five coming for a trial shift....hopefully all goes well.

laura came by tonight with ice cream sandwiches for kodi..i wasn't here but i saw she still had all of her fingers which i snuck a quick look for because i know he likes ice cream sandwiches a lot!

i have done chewie's shower for the last two nights because he keeps getting forgotten...i am pleased to report that the abdominal wound is almost healed and his thigh is just a few weeks away from being well healed too. i am just so afraid that maggots will get in the wounds, that would be a real drag because we will lose a lot of ground in wound healing if they do.

once we get our third staff person hired, we can reconfigure all of the tasks and care needs again and sort out who is responsible for whom.

i spent the better part of the afternoon with annabelle. my bed buddying experience came in really handy...she spent a couple of hours cuddled up with me on her couch watching a movie while mom and dad had a much needed and well deserved rest. she spent my entire visit sleeping, simply content to be held. she is not only the world's cutest baby but the best behaved grand daughter as well.

hey anne? has your grand baby made an appearence yet?

being a granny is totally cool.



Hi Erin I am coming in early with you tomorrow, Carol gave us the go ahead when I saw her today.


I will be in Sunday morning - around 8:30. Then, starting next weekend, I am on holidays for a MONTH - travelling around camping in the interior of B.C. and visiting friends in Invermere. I can't wait! So, thought I'd let all the volunteers know that I will be away after this Sunday for 4 weekends. Sorry - I get 7 weeks paid holidays per year from work, and I take every bit of it. I do miss coming to SAINTS, but I can't when I'm out of town. So, just wanted to give some notice. (I'm bringing a chq. in for the "pain in the ass table" from my boss on Sunday too.)


no, i have super dad, who drives out to my work at midnight to give my car a jumpstart. now i will use super sisterinlaw to give me a jump to get to the battery store. yay family!


Nicole, don't you have BCAA? They are the best in situations like that.


my car died tonight, at work, at midnight, when i was trying to leave for the night.
i won't be out tomorrow as i will be figuring out how to get it to the battery shop. sorry.


you are so right in what you said in a former post. no animal is any less or more deserving than another one. they are all very precious at saints and all deserve the best of everyones love. sometimes we all get caught up in a certain animal and our love for them but that should in no way take away from someone else. they have come to saints for a reason and that being that no one else wanted them or cared enough about them except for carol. they deserve a second chance and all the love they can get. i look into the eyes of the animals at saints and see a special glow and happiness that they all have and it makes me happy. they all have so much more than many animals that have so called homes. it is because people like carol make this world a little bit happier for our lost and unwanted friends. wish i could help out more, one day

Angela H.

I agree, she is the world's cutest baby!....but come by around 2am and you may rethink the whole quiet, content thing. She loves being held though...