Animal Updates

kodi was euthanized today.

Carol  ·  Jul. 9, 2010


the vet did examine him and his rectum was starting to close off from the tumour. he was going to hit a bowel crises pretty soon here so we decided to save him from that.

kodi thought today was an interesting adventure...except for the rectal check, he thought the trip was pretty good. he did get his couple of cheese burgers and i think he might have wanted a couple of more. he had his good friend ann with him and it made him happy that she was there.


while kodi was a pain in the ass around here..he was our pain in the ass. he was a big part of the saints family and i am missing his unique form of chaos right now.

it is too quiet here kodi, it just doesn't feel really right.

i hope you are not resting in peace but gleefully herding angels with wings....miss you kodi-bear, in your own crazy cattle dog way, you were a really good dog.


**Modern Dog link to Kodi's Photo and write up**



That was an amazing poem Ann. The house will be so empty without you. Love you Kodi bear.

Marie Bellemare

To love him was to let him go - I like to think of him as a herding angel now... my heart goes to all who knew and loved him...


moderndog magazine mentioned Kodi's passing on their facebook page. That was nice and thoughtful. Remember Kodi was part of the photo shoot ... he was definately an unforgettable one-of-a-kind doggie.

Miss you my blue friend.


So glad Kodi had a good last day with Carol, Ann & McD.
Those eyes of his said it all....I'm watching you and I'm going to get you! It will be so quiet without your high pitched herding bark. Glad to have met you.. ya crazy, funny boy.


what great pics jenn of kodi. you seem to capture his very personality and esscence for life. he was a very big personality at saints and will be missed. the bed buddies are probably saying whoo hoo. great poem ann will miss him a lot.


May you have a never ending bunch of pals up in doggie heaven to herd...herding breeds are so wonderful...I am so glad he was happy until the end...that is the way we want it to be...
Great Poem...


Good night Kodi bear…… time now to rest
Your work here is done and you passed the test

You’ve herded the buddies onto their bed
And made sure that you have been amply fed

Jesse & Bailey you’ve put in their place
And anyone else who got in your face

So now that your “ducks” are all in a row
The big guy is calling and you have to go

The house will be empty without you there
Sweet dreams, we love you……Good night Kodi bear