Animal Updates

sad day at saints today

Carol  ·  Jul. 10, 2010

angelina and i took endora into the vets for euthanization on my lunch break. she fell off the counter twice last night and it just broke my heart to see her so weak.

endora was a pretty amazing little plain cat. i don't think i have ever met such a sweet and gentle being. she has graced saints and our countertops for almost 5 years, there is not one of us who will not feel her loss deeply.

rest in peace endora, we love lived your almost 20 years full of grace and we are truly grateful to have known and loved you.


we also lost 2 of the classy, cassie chicks. the little battery hens that we saved a couple of weeks ago. i am not sure what happened, no one seemed to notice that they were not well. KO said when she found them this morning in the hen house, it was pretty hot in there even tho their little chicken door was open. so thankfully she opened up the full big door to let the air flow better in there...i really hope it wasn't heat stroke, but maybe it was.

one other cassie chick does not look well today and the other hens were pecking on her so KO and company set her up a little pen to keep the other hens away from her.

sadly these birds do not live very long and they are already more than a year old which is when they are culled from the commercial farms for egg laying burnout from forced overproduction.

at least these birds had the short opportunity to walk on the ground, scratch in the dirt, roll in a sandy dust bath, sleep in on soft hay nest and learn that they were in fact living chickens and not just mindless and unfeeling egg machines hung from the wall in 12 inch wire cages.

i guess we can be happy with that but i wished they could have enjoyed being real chickens a bit in peace cassey and cassy..please tell your sisters to hang around with us a bit longer.



You could always count on Endora to greet you as you entered the house "hello welcome to Saints...please pet me". Her presence will be greatly missed.


I knew it was almost Endoras time, but I just always felt like she would on the counter walking back and forth knocking everything off. Im going to miss you sweetie.