Rescue Journal

there are three new incoming....

Carol  ·  Jul. 13, 2010

of the two senior dogs at animal the end i had to say no to chester..he is a senior lab..probably about 10 years old...bad skin, probably a life on a any case poorly socialized. he did not test well with cats and not much better with dogs and we just do not have any more segregated areas for a difficult dog.

i am so sorry chester...i feel like a shit.

harold tested out ok for dogs and cats tho. he is also a senior, he looks sort of like bibi...but finer boned, not as thick hair and solid black....he is incontinent of both bowel and bladder following a fractured pelvis from being hit by a car.

then there is a little senior cataract poodle with a mouthful of rotten/abcessed teeth.,.i cannot remember her name...keira? teira?...somthing like that...i pick her up from the spca later this week.

and finally, i have been mentioning around with the vets and farmers that we have room for a third rescue sheep....elizabeth is quite a bit older than annie and i don't want annie to suddenly find herself without a friend if elizabeth passes away. this senior girl was sold along with the property..the other couple of sheep have passed on and now the new owners want to be sheep free.

not sure what her name is was our shearer who called and asked if she could come here...but apparently she looks a bit like grammy i think. he will bring her to us this weekend and shear her and trim up her feet for us too.

carl better not be as much of a dick head as he was when elizabeth came.