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time is not in a bottle....more like a water balloon..fill it up and make it stretch to get to all of the stuff you want to get to.

Carol  ·  Jul. 14, 2010

i was hoping to take today off as it was slow but at the last minute 2 new admissions are being discharged from hospital so i need to go in and do those. i wanted to be available to help eric and ang because my sweet little grand daughter is running them ragged....she must have been reading my self-actualizing posts while she was waiting to be born!

so i am trying to keep a couple of hours free on thursday and most of friday clear so mom and dad can get a bit of a break.

it is totally amazing how much brand new, innocent babies can turn upside down entire worlds.....i figure they come out knowing exactly, how exceedingly important they are....and that is a good thing but kind of hard on mom and dad who occasionally do need to sleep.

anyway..heads up on friday..i am planning on being busy.

also lindsey's wedding is coming up in just over a week...i told her she could have me for part of each of my 4 days off to help get ready so i might be busy with wedding stuff too...altho she is pretty organized and has kept everything pretty simple.

i like the fact that time is somewhat can pull a bit in from here and there and squeeze in a little more stuff to do.

i was in bed by 10 pm and multi-tasking in peaceful bed buddy quality of life just for actually being i got an extra hour or two of sleep which was pretty damn nice.

daphne and i played kill the blue monkey. merry got to shove her neck into my face and see how often i needed to breathe, peluchi got those loving feelings he needs so badly and joey thumped himself off of my back which he finds utterly satisfying....all of them got something they wanted...from cuddles to a bit of extra canned food.

it is a good way to end the day...making sure they are happy it is bedtime again.

lola has been changing in the past few days...she is starting to not feel well. it is probably her cancer silently moving forward after taking a bit of a break. we have started her onto antibiotics and pain meds to cover the bases. now we just watch her carefully to see how she does every day.

ok...last day of work and then 4 days off so i better get moving and get this day over so i can concentrate on other stuff.


Colleen B

Brenda - this is unacceptable :)

We're heading to an out of town wedding this weekend, but I'll try to make it in Saturday morning before we leave.


Yes I can come on Sat & Sun this weekend unless my grand-baby decides to arrive on either of those times. Have a great holiday Brenda.

Brenda McCormick

Reminder to all volunteers. I am away starting this weekend for a month. I posted this earlier but want to make sure the "house cleaning" people know for the weekends. I know Ann is going to try to come Sundays? Thanks for rearranging your weekend days to accomodate my absence. Take care everyone - See you late August.