Rescue Journal

honestly..if there was an award for brain-dead, i would win it.

Carol  ·  Jul. 17, 2010

i get up and go for breakfast this morning, hit the drive thru and purse. i know it was in the van last night cuz i used it. so either it was stolen out of the van or i left it at the store. i went back to the purse was not there. so i go to the bank and i cancel all of both mine and saints debit cards and my charge card as well. i come home in a hurry cuz now i am late for the diabetics, and there is my purse on the counter of the mp building..oh yay..i am stupid again.

then i try to cut the fence wires but the narrow tipped cutters i need are still missing so i head down to the hardware store to buy the right kind again. half way down the hill i remember i was supposed to pick up harold from the pound...i change direction to go and get him. just as i am pulling into their driveway my cell phone is our shearer and he is at my house with our brand new rescue sheep...shit..stupid is escalating faster than i can get from point A to point B.
i call mo on the cell phone and she helps him out til i can get home.
i pick up harold who panics and poops all over the van...the stench was amazing.
i get him home and shove him in the entranceway and go and check on the sheep...she looks pretty rough and is terrified..there is a story here and i will tell it further down once i get past listing all of my recent stupid things.

and now i am really late to go spend some time with my daughter...we are refinishing that double maple bed that i loved so she can have it for her guest room in case she has overnight guests for the wedding next week. laura phones me while i am there to tell me that harold is eating walls in the entranceway...bastard and oh yay!

it is getting late and i need to get home to put the barn guys to bed and before harold completely destroys the joint. as we are carrying the bed into the house to set it up, lindsey notices fresh oil on the carpet which came off of my shoe....shit, shit, shit!!!
and there we are on our hands and knees desperately scrubbing the very nice and new carpets to remove the oil stains....we did get them out but i was totally freaking during the process of scrubbing.

by the time i got home, laura had put the barn guys to bed and harold had chewed himself a 2x3 foot hole right to the outside studs (that is as good a hole as both maude and cole used to make!). laura had nailed up a peice of plywood on the outside which did seem to help.
we let him out to pee and then noticed, he was not neutered...OM freaking G!!! i forgot to ask that 2 weeks ago when they asked me to take him...i could have sent him in for his neuter while he was waiting around for me to bring him here...that is just the ultimate of stupid..i cannot believe i forgot to ask.

i have no idea what jesse did to piss off al while i was gone...but al beat the shit out of him...he has a sore paw and a wound on his neck. i know it was al because when he just walked past jess...jess got up really quick and moved out of the way. it takes a lot to make al mad so whatever jess did must have been pretty bad. i don't think jess will do it again....and i am hoping that with the meds i have given him, he will let me look closer at his wounds without trying to bite and piss me off too.

i almost feel sorry for you jess...but not quite..what goes around, comes around and al just brought it right home to you....jess of course doesn't get this, dogs have even less honest insight into their own behavior and consequences of that, than even most humans do.

it is a bad time for me..., losing tyra, staffing shortages, pms'ing, menopause, new grandaughters, weddings and the usual daily crazy shit of rescue life, all bearing down on me, cutting off the oxygen to my brain....stupid is, as stupid does, and i did a lot of stupid today.

The new sheep's story

her name was going to be sylvia (when i suggested knew the song) but then laura said it should be "caroline" because that song is easier and more fun to sing.,...and i do like the song caroline better so that is her new name...sweet la la la..can someone post the words?

her old name was "sheepy" sorry, it did have to go. she has had a tough time of it lately....she is pretty thin and traumatized. the thinness is because she did not get to eat what our sheep get to eat so she will be pleasantly plump in a months or so time. the trauma is because recently the two llamas that she lived with and liked a lot (they were apparently her only company since the other sheep died)...were killed by cougars last week, right before her eyes. she has been hiding in a shed ever since then and afraid to come out. as i was watching her out in the field, i felt so very sorry for her obvious fear. i finally collected annie and elizabeth and put all three of them inside the gates of the new feed area. that way she was confined with some company and had access to the open barn if she felt the need to get out of the open and inside to feel safe.

it will take her some time to build her confidence and feel strong and safe again..but there is no rush. we will just keep our eyes open and try to make things as easy for her as we can.

i am really glad that caroline is with us....harold, i am having second thoughts about...harold, i do not like ugly holes in my walls...we just fixed the ones that bibi had caused!!!! AND i do not like intact testicles on brand new old dogs...that is just asking for trouble.!



Congrats Anne hope your grandchild arrive safe and sound (and quickly)!!


Maybe if Caroline has lived with llamas, she'll be happy Carl is there too. And he'll have another lady in his herd.


Sorry but I won't be there to clean this morning, looks like my grand-baby will be arriving today!! I am sooooooo excited I would be useless anyway.


Is this it?

Where it began

I can't begin to knowin'

but then I know it's growin' strong.
Was in the spring

then spring became the summer.
Who'da believed you'd come along ?
touchin' hands

reachin' out

touchin' me
touchin' you.

Sweet Caroline

good times never seemed so good.
I've been inclined
to believe they never would.
But now I -

Look at the night
and it don't seem so lonely

we fill it up with only two.
And when I hurt

hurtin' runs off my shoulders

how can I hurt when holdin' you ?
touchin' warm

reachin' out

touchin' me
touchin' you.

Sweet Caroline

good times never seemed so good.
I've been inclined
to believe they never would.

Wow. You have had one freaking wicked day Carol. I think thinking I lost my purse and canceling all my cards would have been bad enough but no. You had a doozer of a day.

Wish I lived closer, I would be in there helping like a dirty sock. Maybe when the gas pig is retired..

Hope your evening is a relatively restful and enjoyable one after the day you had.