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A few of their favorite things ...

Jenn  ·  Jul. 18, 2010

After all the cleaning and feeding was done today I went and spent some time with some of saints doing a few of their favorite things ...

But first of all because money is one of SAINTS (and Carol's favorite things) ... I want to let everyone know I was at the liquor store in Maple Ridge yesterday and I saw the SAINTS donation boxes at every cashier. This is due to the incredible, amazing SAINTS Guardian Angels (the same ones who do the Plant Sale every year). Through some miracle or serious sweet-talkin', they managed to get SAINTS donations boxes at BC iquor stores in Maple Ridge, Mission amd Abbotsford. I just think that is totally amazing and I want to give a kudos to them.

$ in donation boxes: See Carol is kinda half smiling (this was pre-nap today)
carol half smiles

So here are a few of the saints' favorite things ...

Swimming, Flying, Jumping: Al, Floyd and Griffin
al swimmingswiming in pondjumping for joy

Playing Ball: Griffin, Daphne, Al
griffin plays balldaphne ballal playing ball

Rolling in Poop and Sand: Daphne and Ellie Mae
daphne rolling in poop
ellie rolling in sand

Laying in the Sun: Ellie Mae, Larry, and Al
allie laying in sunlarry lays in the sunal laying in the sun

Belly rubs: Suzie and Joey

susie gets a belly rubjoey belly rub



shelley...nine times out of ten she doesn't even look thru the view finder....she just points that sucker at someone while looking everywhere but where the rest of us would be looking and shoots.
even if i try to frame the perfect picture, it sucks. jenn doesn't even try, she just trusts the shot, the camera and is like her camera has a magnet to zoom on the perfect shot.

i was telling mo on the weekend..i actually really appreciate her ability NOT to stage the animals (it stresses them out)...she just catches the real thing on the fly....i just don't know how she does it with the camera held down to her ankles pointing in some animals general direction and her head looking up at the trees.

it does crack me up cuz it is funny, photography is not supposed to work that way!


I was very happy to see Larry... I have missed his sweet little self!


haha shelley I rarely do "get down low" often I just put my camera on auto focus, place the camera low and shoot ... it cracks my mom up but hey it works!


I would just like to give a shout-out to photographer Jenn, who clearly risks being slimed by who-knows-what when she gets those down-low, animal-level, incredibly effective shots that she then shares on the blog. Brave... very brave.


No, Colleen. Harold did not eat through your husband's handy work, it was the area in the corner behind the front door that was open for destruction. So now we have a new project for him :)

Colleen B

Did Harold seriously eat through the fibreglass? That's not going to feel good coming back out...

Look at Larry My Love's pretty pink nose :)


i have to clarify i should not have said shit disterbers they are people who actually cause trouble on purpose these animals are problem dogs through no fault of their own. have problems. they do not know they are causng problems that is the difference. sorry my dogs.


whatever I think you look quite nice in this picture mother! See Renee likes them and she will help protect my camera from getting peed on.


cute pics jenn. i was just sitting here and it suddenly dawned on my that my favorite animals at saints are the shit dusturbers. perdy bailey jerry kodi, love jesse except when he picks on my other shit disturbers. i am not a shit disturber so do not relate that way. they just seem to be renegade dogs who have maybe problems in their past. do not care love them anyway. the cute sweet ones are cute and sweet and people notice that and gravitate towards them. love them too i remember totally falling in love with jesse queen of the mp room who was picked up at the dump. when she passed away the tears would not stop falling. i think that is because carol gave her another chance at life and she was so loved. she was finally somebody not just a dog that no one wanted. that is the terrific thing about carol that she gives all the animals a second chance and they feel special and loved. even the shit disturbers do not phase her. they require more attention and consideration and a whole lot of adjusting around but they are as equally as loved as all the rest. i know for a fact that carol had a very soft spot for our kodi brat he was something else. he could be hell on 4 legs but personality galore and attitude. you either liked him or you did not. well have to go now am tired 400 comed really early.


lol jenn, you are such a pain..quit taking pictures of me or i will tell someone to pee on your camera...lots of them will be more than willing.
but thx for posting about the SGA's and the donation boxes in the liquor stores..i keep forgetting. julie managed this one which is quite amazing and we are in during the summer when folks will be buying lots of beer, yay and way to go julie!!!!