Animal Updates

i have to do some shifting around here

Carol  ·  Jul. 18, 2010

it was a royal pain in the butt getting everyone out safely to pee this morning because of harold. not that he is the issue..he really is very nice for a wall eating dog. the issues are perdy and bibi. perdy HATES any new dog...bibi is also not a great fan of newbies and i strongly suspect will be even less of a fan of an unneutered one.

i was thinking of moving bibi over into the dog rooms but with the tension between bailey and jesse and now al...that would be a really bad move on my part now.
but if i move bibi into the kitchen and harold into the computer room...that should work and then getting bibi and perdy in and out thru the entranceway with only two hands here sometimes won't be such an ordeal.

harold will do fine with the computer guys, they won't care too much about the testicles...except maybe griffin...and he is a pain with everybody anyway.

tiny kira slept with me last night...her unhappy baby noises finally broke me down. she is fiesty tho...she growled at anyone who came near her pillow! so i guess i have a new bed she knows where i go at night, and now she will insist on coming along....this is how the bed buddies multiply....they don't need uterus's and testicles.

i have this picture in my head....have you ever seen an ink drawing from the book of gulliver's travels? there is a pic of him tied down by many threads and all of the little folks running all over him. my picture is of me or one of the volunteers tied down by just as many threads but instead of little people prancing would be tiny cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, horses, donkeys, llamas, ducks, sheep, goats and cows all dancing gleefully around.

ok gulliver needed to be tied down ...
Carol does not, the dogs simply suction cup her in place ....

lola is feeling so much better...right back to her pain in the ass and busy little bee self..that is nice to see...sort of.

there is something to be said for quiet dogs tho...why don't we have many of those????

sidney's bloodwork came back not too bad..surprizingly enough. her kidney function is much better with the foretkor. she does have a hidden chronic infection somewhere...more than just her chronic URI so the vet is suggesting we add a short course of baytril.
i was supposed to pick it up yesterday, but i forgot...
that is what happens when stupid takes over for an entire day...hope today the brain cells are firing a bit better.

as always...hope floats til it sinks.

and i REALLY hope harold leaves the walls in that area free of his version of re-decorating!



it was nice coming back this weekend. i have been away for 2 weeks. miss all the animals and people. ann, hope you have a new grandchild, let us know. hope harold settles in soon. he does not seem as upset as bibi was. maybe that is because he came from a not so nice place as bibi. also hope we get a good response for getting more silent auction items. i think i will hit some of the bigger stores to see what they have. everyone have a nice week see you saturday.