Rescue Journal

tunie is not a happy camper right now.

Carol  ·  Jul. 20, 2010

my family starts arriving for the wedding tomorrow. my sister anne and her husband are going to stay out here in frodo's little fifth wheel (or at least they are going to give it a try..lindsey said they could come down and stay with her if the going is too roughing it up here.) will be a drag for them because they will have to use the shop for the bathroom, the house for a shower and the mp room if they actually want to sit down on a if they want anything of any real substance to eat, they are going to have to go out.

it also means i have to keep all of the areas to travel in between, spotlessly clean so we don't gross them out while they are visiting.

now i remember why i finished off the hide away suite, so i could have family comfortably visiting me...ooops.

i have a lot to do tomorrow because i am still working on thurs/fri before the wedding..(i took tomorrow off so i could get ready for my company) but first on my list is the dreaded waxing of eyebrows and upper lip cuz jenn says i have to before the wedding. i do remember how much that hurt last year for eric's wedding so i am not looking forward to it.

the girls at work were bugging me to get a pedicure while i am at it...i am NOT paying someone 30 bucks to play paint barbie with my feet...who gives a shit what my feet look like as long as they are clean.
honestly.....feet are for walking and getting around they are not a fashion accessory.

the vet came to see tunie today...she has some masses in her rectum and she was constipated too. he gave her a pain injection and then an enema which apparently made her scream loud enough to be heard to timbucktoo....but she did have a couple of moderate poops.
he said to give her a thick bran mash every day..but what he didn't know is that tunie HATES sloppy, wet food. he also said to give her some canned dog food...OM freaking G!!! we do NOT ever feed our pigs meat!!! that is how cows developed mad cow disease, from eating their own species in feed. and do not tell me there is no pork in dog food...there is every kind of left over meat mixed in there.
anyway i went and bought her some kellogs bran bars and fed her three for dinner tonight along with a bunch of fruit....she really liked those..i told her it was toast! i also bought her some fig newtons but she thought those were gross....(herman and ellie thought they were pretty good.)
but she still is not feeling very well, even if she did eat the bran bars like a good girl and i am quite worried..the vet could not tell how far up those masses go. he said it might be obstructing her further up, we will just have to see how she does over the next few days. poop a lot tunie please, that will make me very happy!

harold is starting to bug the cats..i have not seen him do this yet but apparently he is quite focused and mouthing them now. not sure if he is trying to play or to taste test them...anyway..he can't be alone with them for now til i figure it heads up to everyone, when no one is here to watch him, harold is back in the entranceway.

sidney the bunny perked up suddenly occurred to me that maybe he wasn't just missing maple...maybe he was missing the russell rabbit food (he shared it every night from maple's bowl and rabbits really love russell rabbit food...especially sidney!) anyway i gave him some at bedtime last night and apparently he was bombing around again today.

today was the last day for the students, they are on to their practicums next week and then finished the course. so we are student free until early september when the next intake starts the vet assistent program.
today they got all of the advantaging done so everyone is good and flea free for the next month...altho it does mean my bed is going to stink tonight, i hate the smell of advantage all night.

ok..i need a list for tomorrows don't forget things so i am totally ready for the wedding this weekend.



Yes, and I hope your back is feeling better, Colleen! I will put 3 treats sticks on your step for your doggies tomorrow.


lol lindsay! she is always the ringleader in get carol to look pretty (or wear a bra!) is one of the nurses favorite pasttimes at work and weddings are the perfect excuse.
ask her about the $400 shoes i accidently bought for $6.50 at the thrift store..they are still sitting in my drives her nutz that i won't wear them.

Mauro Salles

I love the calluses on my foot. No pedicure allowed, it's just me and my buddies. Don't touch them!!!


OK, so I agree with you about the pedicure about 90% of the time: I don't paint my toenails, I only do something with my heels when it's absolutely necessary, and yes, I regularly walk barefoot so my feet are tough, rough, and generally not terribly pretty. However, that other 10% of the time, I pamper myself and have a pedicure, and let me tell you, it is SOOOOOO worth it! My feet feel so good after a pedicure that it reminds me I should do it more often, but then the whole $30.00 thing comes in and I decide I'd rather spend that money elsewhere. Besides a full time job, in my "other" life I spend 15-25 hours a week on my feet on the concrete floors at Wal-Mart, so that pedicure once or twice a year is really a treat. So, I have to agree with the folks saying "get a pedicure" - it's a gift to yourself that you're likely to enjoy!

Go, Tunie, Go!!!


I agree you should get a pedi ... pretty toes just make for a complete package!!!!


I so know that it was my sister-in-law that is bugging you to have a pedicure. I so know it.


My sister's big dog was really constipated once, she tried lots of different foods to help him along, to no avail. The vet suggested trying pumpkin (the canned stuff), and it worked like a charm.