Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 21, 2010

we did manage to get thru the day...ryan stayed late, tammy and helga and KO all showed up at different times to do various pieces of the saints complicated care puzzle.
i got the house done up but i did not make it to the feed stores to pick up the stuff for the week...but i did get into the grocery store so i bought emergency supplies like canned cat and dog food and garbage bags/paper towels to last for today and tomorrow at least...and i better do a proper shop for both barn and house my lunch break tomorrow or we will be screwed for the weekend.

AND i did manage to get that waxing thing done...jeezus it felt immediately afterwards like a blow torch had gone at my face. AND i need to try on the outfit i am planning to wear to the wedding cuz i bought it last year for erics wedding but it was the wrong color so i decided to save it for lindseys...if it doesn't fit anymore i will for real scream.
my sister and her husband arrived safe and sound..they helped me put the barn guys to bed and do chewies shower...jim got cornered by percy with the wheelbarrow full of's private snack wagon, that was sort of fun....AND he got the hair removed from his arm, not by waxing but by percy's tongue...i should have asked him to do my face!

we had dinner down in the park and listened for a bit to an outdoor concert..that was a nice way to end a busy day.... but...

the animals have really missed me cuz i was running around here like a mad woman today so i better go spend some quiet time with them cuz they won't get a lot of me over the next few days.