Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 21, 2010

harold is playful. i was sleeping but then i kept waking up cuz daphne was/is watching K-911, and then the first K-9 movie that came on after. she likes to bark and growl and talk back to james lee on the TV...she really loves the K-9 movies....(i think she really loves james lee...i will admit he is a very handsome dog.)

anyway.... i got up for some cookies and milk and harold found a ball to play with...too cute. i do think earlier he was trying to play with the cats cuz i watched mango tonight rubbing all over his face and harold just thought it was interesting and nice but the ball was more fun at the moment...he was being lazy at the time and just pawing the ball around and picking it up and letting it bounce off the floor and did not get the least bit excited when mango decided to do the schmooze thing with him. but i will continue to watch him over the next little bit and put him away when no one is here until i am 100% sure.

in any case, he is booked in for his neuter next week...i bet he will so enjoy someone tossing the ball for him down in the lower field once he can roam around here more freely...phoebe and al and daphne may have some serious ball competition waiting for his chance to break free.

i also could not stand the stench of the cat run cement that periodically waffled in whenever someone used the dog door so i bleached the shit out of it when i was done sharing (aka...being ripped off of...) my cookies with tula.
leave it to me to get up in the middle of the night for something so normal and wholesome as cookies and milk and get ripped off by the cat and then sidetracked into bleaching cement in the dark.

now maybe i will go back to bed and sleep again....except daph is still watching that 2nd movie. thank god there is not a part 3 (there isn't one is there???)or i will be up all night listening to her interact with james lee on tv.

who would have thought my little flat head daxi would be a star struck groupie?



I will come up after work today at about 2:45 to help out with what ever needs to be done. I'm sure I'll find something to do!! I will not be available for the next three weekends(sorry Barn Friends!!)


Hey I tried to call you. I am sick and for some reason my eye is really swollen. I would like to take a sick, day. I believe Helga is doing the cats today, and Tammy is comming up. You can get Ryan to stay later as he wants more hours. Im sorry :(

Mauro Salles

There's a third one ==> K-9 P.I.
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)