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sidney (our incredibly sweet and determined 20 year old cat)

Carol  ·  Jul. 22, 2010

has passed away. i found her stretched out in her bed after work today. we all knew it was really close but she was still eating up a storm...i thought i might need to book her appointment on my lunch break tomorrow because i thought the whole weekend til monday would be too far away.

rest in peace sidney, you were an amazing girl and i am glad that you decided to end your life peacefully in the home that i know you loved...i just wish i was there with you before you decided to go.

love you sid...i am going to really miss you, the medical room won't be the same.





Yes, Sidney was one destroyed looking cat. Every time I was in there and she was sleeping I had to look closely to make sure she was still breathing.
However she could still motor around pretty damn well, especially if there was food coming her way.


Thank you Carol and all of Saints for giving Sydney lots of love and food for the time she was there.She s finally at peace.

Mauro Salles

Oh, God! Was Sidney the cat who came to SAINTS this year, literally destroyed??? Gingivitis, renal disease, thyroid problem, rotten teeth, emaciated???


Awww....RIP Sidney. Thanks for giving her a safe and loving place to land, Carol.


Sounds like a very sad day at SAINTS.. You have my condolences Carol :(


Going to miss Sidney, she had a quality and look about her that reminded me of my Jonesy. Sorry I wasn't there to see her today.

Lynne & Scott (and Spot, of course)

I can't help but well up for each passing at SAINTS. These are animals I don't even know, but for Carol's blog. Even so, the emotions come to the surface when I think of the life (or not) each of these animals could have had if not for the caring hands and hearts at SAINTS.