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diabetic snacks

Carol  ·  Jul. 24, 2010

i am doing the insulins early this morning so the diabetics will for sure all need to eat their lunches or have good snacks by 11 am if they can please...the 5 diabetics who need an 11 am snack/lunch would include...


also..tula, bitsy, bond, asnd stripe need their own bowl of canned food and need to be watched to make sure they eat...if tula and bitsy esp do not eat, please leave me a note somewhere because we are watching those two carefully.
thx so much again you guys..i know my family weddings are a pain.


Colleen B

So I learned a few things today while I was visiting the critters:

1. Harold and Chica are boyfriend and girlfriend. I don't think they stopped flirting the whole afternoon.

2. Real estate battles don't necessarily have to involve Griffin. Harold got a very unfriendly welcome when he tried to hang out in Phoebe's kennel...when Phoebe was already in it. But high fives to Phoebe - she didn't let him have it nearly as bad as I thought she would.

3. Reggie can't swim. Maybe this was news to Reggie too. Long story short, there was a ball in the middle of the pond and Reggie wanted it. I too ended up in the middle of the pond hauling his sorry ass out. And even as he was going under, he wouldn't let go of the ball. Maybe we could get one of those lifeguard lasso poles?

4. Kira is not content just sitting on your lap. Both hands must be giving her scratches at all times.

I left about 3:30 and everyone seemed ok. Mo and I set up a fan for Tunie and Mo was trying to cool her down with a wet cloth. Al's thing on his side was bleeding just a little. Jesse was hobbling on three legs when I left. He wasn't putting that paw down at all, and he wasn't about to let me get anywhere near it to take a look.


hi carol erin left you a message up on yourwhiteboard about the animals it went well today all were fed watered and loved.