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it was a great wedding

Carol  ·  Jul. 25, 2010

and thank you to everyone who took care of here for me.
i virtually slept i think 12 or maybe even 13 hours with a couple of get ups for meds/diabetics in the early part of the last evening...thank you so much laura for not letting me help you in the barn last night...because of that i was able to start sleeping right as soon as i walked in the door!

i am not bending too good at this particular moment (i had to use the poop and scoop thing to do the clean up in the computer room cuz there was no bending happening yet)..that much of doing nothing is not good for me but it will loosen up again once i get always does and i REALLY needed that extra catch up sleep.

i think my family is heading out here today..some for an annual tour before they head home and anne and jim are going to be bunking with frodo again for a couple of days..jim is going ti fix that broken fence for us that lahanie wrecked with his butt scratching.

the bed buddies were happy with my extended bed time allowence and the rest of the guys were just happy to have me in the house.

no house phone, no cell phone is not a good thing.
can someone please remind me to get the house phone fixed, i keep forgetting?

tula and tunie apparently did not eat much yesterday so i will start worrying about them both again today. tomorrow i will try to get tula in for a harold and kira go in for their pre-op bloodwork....and tunie, i just don't know..i will have a long talk with her again today and see what she says she wants me to do.

and just so everyone knows...annabelle was a perfect wedding and reception guest, she looked so cute in her little hot pink dress and she had almost as many pictures taken as lindsey!

lindsey by the way...was truly beautiful! i am sure jenn will post a couple of pics sometime today.
AND just so you know this too....jenn is a sympathy crier, i am pretty sure i heard her mutter at me..."damn you"... (she looked lovely too) soon as i started, she started...lindsey is smart...she took one glance at us while walking up the aisle and then looked away really quick so she didn't start! hah! like mother like daughters..i think that is pretty damn funny, hey jenn? lol...yer a weeping weanie just like yer mom!

* Wedding Pics*

Husband and Wife
Sadie Sadie Married Lady
Greeting guests as newly weds

immediate family
tables at the back yard BBQ (reception) and BBQ outfit

baby annabell



the bride is stunning & everyone else looks great too best wishes to newlyweds !!

Ann C

Great pics, Lindsey's dress is beautiful as is she, and the photo of Grandma, Auntie Jenn & Annabell is lovely.

Amy Dalgliesh

My mom always says my eyes are too near my kidneys. They leak at the drop of a hat too.