Rescue Journal

we also lost one of the cassie chicks again today.

Carol  ·  Jul. 27, 2010

while i do not have the emotional ties to these new battery birds that i do to some of the others around here. it does not mean that i do not acknowledge their passing, and feel sad at their life ending. i was talking to the vet about them tonight and he said what i believe lucky are all of the classy girls to even so briefly have a chance to be real.

to you and me, maybe touching the ground with our feet, feeling the sun and the wind slide over our face...scratching and pecking thru the sand and the dirt...enjoying a roll in a dusty bath...maybe these things are not so big. but for 11 little hens living hanging from a wall in a small wire basket...maybe these simple things were truly great.
rest in peace little kassie....may your next life be full of simply happy things. i am glad you came to saints.




Just mulling (and crying) over your recent posts, Carol, and thinking how great it is that a place like SAINTS exists for farm animals in need. Animals like Percy and Ellie have changed my life forever. A personal connection with farm animals may allow people to see them more as individuals and less as commodities - one can only hope!

On a related note, No Country for Animals will air on Global National tomorrow night at 10:00 PM. It's supposed to touch on the state of animal welfare (including farm animals) in Canada. For anyone interested, I think it might be worth watching.